The North West Fashion Festival

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

On Sunday myself and my friend Freya headed up to Liverpool for the North West Fashion
Festival hosted my Chic Networking for a day filled with Champagne, cupcakes and 
catwalks.  It was quite a long drive but we amused ourselves taking hideous car selfies. 

We weren't sure what to expect but after being greeted by a red carpet and complimentary
champagne we definitely weren't left disappointed. There were fashion shows going on in the
Palm House (such a beautiful venue) throughout the day with a load of popup shops lining the edge
of the venue. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos on my DSLR, despite talking it out
with me for one of the first times, as we were to distracted taking selfies with our new selfie stick!
I did do a serious lot of shopping though which i'll show you all in a AW14 haul soon!

Coolest thing right?
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Memebox- The Best Of Korean Beauty 2014*

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Memebox posts are always exiting but this one is doubly so as it's Memebox's first 2014 wrap up!
They've picked out their top picks to form a 6 piece Korean beauty box worth £91! I thought i'd
photograph things as I opened them as a first impressions:

Zsole Dual Sunblock $ 46

I was definitely not expecting this now that we're coming up to colder months but I will definitely
store it away for the summer. I've never seen anything like this before. If you can tell from the
photograph it's half a pump application and half spray- pretty groovy.  It's also factor 50+ which is 

Secret Key Perfume Mist $10

Again, so hard to write about fragrance! I'd actually describe this as more of a perfume than a
spray. It smells quite musty which I actually really like, is that weird?

 RiRi Lip Manicure $18

How cool is this? Like a nail manicure for your lips! It's a long lasting waterproof lip colour in
the shade Virgin Orange. If it's anything like the lip gloss I received in my last memebox i'll be so
impressed. I think this is such a pretty shade too.

W.Holic Roll On Perfume $21
I've found this to be of similar scent to the Secret key perfume but in a handy roll on bottle. I've
literally just finished my last mini perfume bottle this morning so i'm so glad to have this, they're
so useful to carry around with you.

The Skin House Dr.Clear Magic Stick $22
I've never seen anything like this before! If this roll on spot treatment works well I think this will be
my new favorite thing! I've already applied some this morning and may have to do a follow up post
on this.

Secret nature Jeje Cream $31

I feel like there's always one thing in a Memebox that, even though all the products are great,
shines through as the most exiting; and this one is definitely the one to do that! It's a hydration
cream filled with all natural ingredients. For example, Broccoli! I've never heard of that being
used in a cream before. I'm so exited to try this out.
So that's everything in the first 2014 roundup available from the Meme store here they
sell out fast so if you missed out on this one, don't worry, there will be more coming!

Uni Haulin' My Top 5 Reads

Monday, 15 September 2014

It may come as a bit of a surprise, or maybe not, but I feel like I give off a bit of an air-head vibe,
that I'm very into reading. As much as I love the easy words of John Green, Nicholas Sparks and all
the other favorites of my generation I cannot compare them to the sense of fulfillment I get from finishing
a good classic. I currently have the luxury of a home library which is only going to add to the shock of moving into a tiny apartment with room for way less then a quarter of my home collection. After much decision I've narrowed my choices down to the five books I cannot live without and will be coming with
 me on my university travels.

Looking for Alaska
I'm contracting myself here a little I know but in times of stress (of which i'm sure Uni will be full off)
a nice easy read is essential for me. I must have read Looking for Alaska 6 or more times now. 

The Bel Jar
This dark and depressing tale can take some perseverance on my part at times
 but I always get such a scene of achievement from reading this one.
The Great Gatsby
I LOVE this book and Fitzgerald, such a great story. Reading this a couple of times
has also developed my vocabulary no end.  

This is such an empowering and motivational book, perfect for if you're wanting
and but un-emotional read.

Capture In The Rye
My all time favorite book which i'm now reading for the 5th time. It's such a cult classic and for a
good reason. I find it so relateable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that hasn't read
it yet. 

What's everyone's favorite read?

Personal Planner Haul & Giveaway

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I'd be extremely shocked to come across a blogger who hasn't heard of personal planner by now.
They've been around the bloggersphere a fair bit of late with the founders being so generous and
providing a few of us lucky ones with gift cards. Being such a stationery fan I actually ended
up maxing out my gift card and going over which is why I've had to title this a haul oops. I do start
my marketing course this week so I have my reasons! I ended up ordering a planner and a notebook
for myself along with another planner as a leaving gift for a friend.

There's a large selection of templates to choose from when ordering, which are all very pretty, but
I wanted to take the opportunity to customize as much as I could choosing a New York, F.r.i.e.n.d.s
and Chanel quote. The site gives a massive choice of customisation for both inside and out. I love
the little important date graphics!

Pesonal Planner are giving the chance for one of my blog readers to win a planner of their own
so fill out the rafflecopter form below and good luck!

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My Signature Autumn Scent

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Never before I sat down to write this post did I appreciate how difficult it is to write about the scent
of a fragrance. Kudos to those who regularly blog on perfumes! The team at So...? Fragrance contacted
 me recently asking if i'd like to give one of there fragrance sets ago; I'll be honest (even though this
makes me so un-girly and a little trampy) I'm so bad with perfume. It takes me ages to find a scent
that works for me and when I do I'm always forgetting to apply it in the mornings. After spending the
 last couple of weeks being completely obsessed with the So..? dry shampoo's, I was so eager to give
the companies other products a try.

Picking a fragrance without being able to smell first is hard but luckily for me I came across 
the So Burlesque collection which is so me. If you're not addicted to lingerie and all things related 
like myself, then there's a very handy widget on the site that tells you the Top Note, Heart Note
, and Base Note of each fragrance. Just the day after I had confirmed my selection it arrived at
 my door packaged in a cute little box and wrapped with a bow. I'm sure i'm not the only 
one that's immediately drawn to a product  so much more when care has gone into the pack-
aging right?

The top notes of this are Mandarin, Blackcurrent, and Apricot.
The heart Orange flower, Jasmin, and Rose
The base Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli
To be honest that means absolute nothing to me, all I know that it smells amazing! It's a really bold sophisticated fragrance and not at all sweet which is why I find it so suited for the cooler months. An
added perk for me is that the set comes with a matching body spray. Part of the reason I don't often
wear perfume is because I don't like to mix my scents so this is perfect for me!

I think that exhausted the extend of words I can say about perfume. Honestly thought this is amazing.
At £5.99 it's also a massive bargain and Boots are currently selling at just £2.99!
Take a look at the So...? fragrance site to find your signature Autumn scent.

How I Reverse Cat Eye

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Yesterday I stumbled across an image , of which I forgot to save (newbie blogger problems) and
now can't find, of a woman wearing the most amazing reverse cat eye liner. Immediately wanted to
try this look myself and set about finding a tutorial to help me. A rare occasion as this is but I could not
 find a decent one either on YouTube or on blogs. There's a few but nothing like the image i'd seen
 myself. Even though this is quite a simple look to create I always like to watch a tutorial first to guide
 me and I was slightly put off that I wasn't able to. Eventually though I manned up and tried it myself.
 After being pleased with the results I decided to write up a quick tutorial (not that I'm an expert) for
those of you that share the same irrational , lack of guidance, fear that I do.

Like I said it's pretty simple. You can start by lining you bottom waterline with a black liner. For this
I chose to use Urban Decay 24/7 liner as it's my current fave.

Once that's done you can take a small brush and just smudge the liner so that it falls slightly under your
lash line. If you want a more dramatic look you can line directly under your lash line but, as i'm not
Beyonce, I don't think I can pull that off.

Then it's time to do the flick. If you struggle on a normal winged eye liner look this may be the look
for you as it's actually a lot easier from under neath. I find it best just to flick up the existing product on
your under eye then go over with a gel, powder, liner pen, whatever you prefer afterwards.

So after the wing and a bit of touching up you're done with the liner part. For eye shadow I just did
a really simple look with this NYC nudes palette.

After that's done it should look something like this:


So like I said earlier you can play around and make it a bit more dramatic if that's your thing.
Let me know what you think of my amateur tutorial feat un-plucked brows!
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FOTD Challenge | Makeup Rumors

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Yet another post in the FOTD challenge, I actually have a few lined up so hopefully you all still 
like them! Today I've been working with Makeup Rumors which I believe is a fairly new cosmetic
brand selling a small range of budget priced beauty. When I say budget I mean really really budget.
From them I ordered 2 makeup kits each including an eye shadow palette, 2 lip gloss' & two nail
polishes  and a liquid liner each, and then a bronzer, a lipstick and fake eyelashes which I believe all
 came to just £10.89!

I'm aware this is a FOTD and not a review but I just couldn't write this post without sharing how
amazing I found the eye shadows and lip gloss'. They all came in a set working out at about 50p each
so extremely cheap. The pigmentation for both products were amazing. I'd compare the eye shadow
quality to Urban Decay easily. I'm seriously impressed.

The products I used were the pink tease bronzer
Pink tease natural lashes
Ultimate metals eye shadow pallete
Ultimate lipgloss in coral pink
Here's the finished look:

What do you think?