Monday, November 23, 2015

They say the best years of your life are at University. This is probably true, so long as you do it right. There's soo much to get involved with at University that can make your time there great. Being away from home in a new place can be scary, even if you're second or third year. Getting involved in every opportunity possible is the best way to make the most of University and avoid homesickness.So what are some things you need to be doing?
Make the most of your free time despite having a lot of work to do students often have an abundance of free time. Instead of spending this laying around get your friends together and organise day trips. It won't be long until you're all working the 9-5 and unable to. Library books (yes some of these are educational) Although the library doesn't seem that interesting it's somewhere you really should utilize. Course books can be extremely expensive and you're able to access them free of charge! Get through as many as you can. Talks/Events There's soo many free events and talks to take advantage of at University. A quick look at your uni's 'what's on' page and there's bound to be something that takes your interest. For me i'm going to a PR talk and a talk by Helen Balding, both free, in the next month. Cheap Cinema/Theatre/Gym if you're lucky enough to go to a University with facilities like this they are usually extremely cheap. University cinemas are usually around £2-£3 a ticket. My own uni's gym does swimming, sauna and steam room access for £2 a time. I know who's winning! The wealth of knowledge available no matter what subject you're interested in there's always someone nearby to chat to and learn from. Competitions each subject usually has some cool competition you can get involved with. Business subjects often have Apprentice or Dragons den scenarios. Into acting? Why not try out for the University play? Societies and clubs each university has a huge range of clubs and societies to get involved in be it cheer leading, running, or poetry. They're a great way to meet new people and get active. Don't like any of the options available? Start your own!

What other things do you think it's important to do at University?
Be sure to check out StudentHQ's blog for loads of great University advice.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dreading searching around crowded streets and rammed shopping isles to find the perfect gift this Christmas? Don't worry! I've devised a gift guide that'll put you a few clicks away from everything you need for everyone this season! Be it a Mum, a best friend, a sister or a secret Santa that you have no clue about, don't worry! Find everything you could need:

No girl can get enough makeup brushes, it's just not possible! Bella and Bear stock the most amazing makeup brush sets. As always with their products, they come beautifully packaged making them an ideal gift idea. This year they have The Kitten 15 piece make up brush set and the Cats eye brush set. The kitten brush set comes with every brush you need for make up application all fitted into a really useful travel pouch with an embossed label. The brushes are really great, professional quality and at £50, a lot cheaper than other, similar quality, alternatives. The Cats Eye brush set is currently just £10.50 for 5 eye brushes. The kit includes a brow pencil, blending brushes and applicators all boxed in Bella and Bears signature vintage packaging. If you'd like the chance to win one of these brush sets yourself, scroll down to the end of this post and enter the rafflecopter giveaway.

A can think of a lot of girls out there who love tanning. Treat them with a gift of glow this Christmas with the Crazy Angels tanning gift set. The set comes with Crazy Angels best selling self tan lotion, which I can personally recommend as amazing, as well as the brands tan extender. They both come packaged in a useful travel bag. Both products are 250ml so the set is great value for money at £29 and if it's more your thing, Crazy Angel offer a different set available here for £21.90


Another great tanning gift is the St.Moriz  tanning travel trio gift set. St.Moriz is a well know and loved brand for good reason! The products are extremely affordable and of good quality. This gift set contains; an exfoliating body scrub, an oil free moistuerser, and their best selling tanning moouse; everything you need for the perfect tan! Get your own St.Moriz products starting from just £2.95!

Winter doesn't have to be a time for tired and dry looking skin. Salcura skincare have a huge range of specialist products suited to target a range of different skin problems. Treat your recipient to glowing winter skin by shopping the collection. My personal choices were the Zeoderm face and body lotion, and the Dermaspray. They're doing a great job of hydrating my usually dry Winter skin.

The vintage cosmetics company is always a great option when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays. A cult favourite for many women, the products always come in perfectly wraped vintage packaging, making them ideal gifts. The airbrush face makeup brush set screams 'ideal gift' with 3 full sized make up brushes totalling just £22.00 it's also very affordable. Tweasers are a necessary for every girl so why not treat someone to some prettily designed Vintage cosmetic ones?

Crabtree and Evelyn do the most amazing scented hand lotions! To go extra Christmassy they have these Christmas cracker gifts containing one of their Christmas range scents. See the whole Christmas range here or grab your own cracker! My personal favourite is the Spiced Ginger!

Nourish skincare have the perfect gifts if you fancy treating somebody to some luxury this year. Their Christmas range boasts two affordable gift sets; Argan Beauty collection, and boxed radiance firming facial oil. If the limited edition rosehip infused facial oil wasn't enough it also comes packaged in the cutest bespoke gift box box wrapped with a bow! Available for £25 her. The Argan beauty collection is a personal favourite! Described as a 'luxurious collection of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh' the set features a 15ml argan skin renew, a 5ml argan skin rescue, and a golden glow illuminating face shimmer! All this for the great price of £25!


Ginger and co are another companies who's product s are perfectly packaged for Christmas gifts. This Mini must have gift set is just £6 and comes with 3 essentials that, at 100 ml each really aren't that mini! As exfoliator, body wash, and lotion are all must haves, you can be sure any girl would love this set!

Crown brushes have a great range to add to your recipients brush collection this year. Starting from just £1.80 the brand is really affordable and yet great quality. A great gift is their SoSUMe limited edition brush set containing everything you need for makeup application. If you're looking to buy brushes singular a great choice is their contour brush. It's the perfect shape and density for jaw bone bronzer application. As well as makeup brushes they stock loads of other makeup essentials like contour kits and palettes. Shop their gifts for under £20 section.

I've always been a huge fan of Lottie London brushes, especially their brush sets! Aimed at 14- 24 year olds the 'Selfie ready' brand offer loads of fun and quirky makeup products. If the packaging alone on this set doesn't sell them to you, the brushes in the kit are great quality. With a powder, foundation, concealer, eye, and brow brush, there's everything you could need for the perfect face application. Get the 'Best of brushes' collection for £19.99

Give the gift of perfect skin this winter! MeruMaya is sure to give just that. The brand have a great Christmas selection this year for varying prices and complexions. Two of my favourites from the range are the Iconic Youth Serum and eye cream - both best sellers.

If you want to treat your friends/family to a bit of luxury this year head over to Garment Quarter to their huge selection of Vivienne Westwood Bags.  A great choice from the selection would be the Derby Pouch. At £120 it's not too pricey for a designer clutch and the perfect staple piece to go with any night out outfit.

Diamonds really are a girls best friend, and so is any other type of Jewellery for that matter! Nude jewellery offer a huge range of contemporary Jewellery. From engagement rings to broaches their range is sure to have something for everyone. This handmade purple rainbow rocks  bracelet is my top pick of the year. With gemstones, rubies, tourmalines and pearls, packaged in a sleek case, it's certainly one of the most luxurious gifts ill be giving this Christmas.

If you'd like to win a Bella and Bear brush set for yourself enter the rafflecopter giveaway below:
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015
If there's one thing you should prioritise, it's looking after your skin. At least, regarding beauty - you should take care of the rest of your body too. Keeping your skin looking beautiful is a pretty big ask. After all, it's the largest organ your body has. I feel like I'm forever exfoliating, applying creams and using all kinds of products. One of the things I'm most worried about is keeping my skin firm. I know I won't stay young together, but I'd like to age gracefully. So here are my tips for having firm skin even as you get older.

There are so many different products on the market to slow ageing and give you firm skin. I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets confused. How are meant to know which ones work and which ones do what? There are lots of options if you want to use skin products for plump and smooth skin. There are lots of standard anti-ageing ones, and then there are more expensive high-end ones. Some of them are designed to tighten your skin or to help replenish your collagen and elastin. These both contribute to keeping your skin plump and elastic, and they can diminish as you get older.

You can go beyond using everyday products and look at the range of cosmetic treatments out there too. You've probably heard of a lot of them, such as dermal fillers and Botox. One of the newer ones is the thread lift offered by court house clinics. This new treatment involves using a biodegradable thread to give someone a facelift. It sounds weird, but it works! A lot of these treatments don't last more than a year, or even six months. So they're good choices if you don't want to do something permanent.

Protecting your skin is better than trying to make it look better later on. Too much exposure to the sun can be one of the most damaging things to your skin. You need to avoid it as much as you can, which you can do in several ways. Staying in the shade is one way, and, of course, wearing sunscreen is another. Try to cover up when you can and don't spend too much time sunbathing. Wearing sunglasses will also stop you from squinting and getting crow's feet or frown lines.

Keeping your skin hydrated is also an excellent way of keeping it firm and plump. You can do this from the inside and the outside. Drinking plenty of water will help you stay hydrated, and you can also use a good moisturiser and body lotion. Try to avoid being in rooms that will dry out your skin, such as when the heater or air conditioning is on full blast. And don't stay in the bath or shower too long either.

Looking after your skin doesn't have to take up all your time. You just need to be cautious and spend a few minutes a day taking care of it.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

As if finding the perfect gift isn't hard enough, Christmas can be an extremely expensive time. Poor student, overspent this summer, have that one person who you know you have to buy something but can't face splashing too much cash? Don't worry, the following gift guide is filled with all sorts of great gifts that don't break the bank, Find something for everyone:

Mugs Mugs are a great gift idea for any occasion. They're always budget, always useful, and easy to personalise. This years selection come from Primark (Rabbits) Card Factory (It's a perfect day to have a perfect day) and B&M (Mrs Brown's Boys). Just buy spending a few pounds each I've picked up gifts perfectly fitting three different people!

Socks socks are a must have for Christmas! They're so great for budget gift ideas. My top 3 picks are Primark patterned socks, Harry Potter socks from Primark, and football club socks (In this case Chelsea). Topshop is also a great place for these. I'm deeming them the perfect stocking fillers.

Shopping for a girly girl this Christmas? Rock My Hair have a great selection of budget gifts. Their headbands would be the perfect stocking filler for any young girl. The photo's show the Adhra and the Florette band. They're both great quality and extremely affordable.

Who doesn't love a chocolate gift? I'm sure it's a tradition in most family's to have an absolute ton of it! There's so many different chocolate/treat gift ideas out there. I went for the most Christmassy option I could find and picked up these chocolate batons from B&M.

Alcaholic gifts are great! Espescially for students. I've picked up these £2.99 Cactus Jacks gift sets from B&M for that you get a small bottle of the fruity cactus jacks, with a milk bottle glass and a cute straw- such a great gift! B&M have some really great budget gifts this year so if you're anywhere near one, i'd definitely recommend taking a visit. 

The so...? are such old classics. Any girl around my age will remembered having to have every scent possible! Who doesn't love a throw back? The So gift sets are not only perfectly packaged, but extremely affordable. The website offers a whole range of different sets, some even including lipsticks. This So Sinful set containing an eu de toilet and matching body fragrance is just £5 What's your favourite So scent? Pick up your own perfumes from Boots.

Little sets of beauty products and practical gifts are always well received at Christmas. Palmers have a great manuka honey range, This includes a sulphate and Parabens free shampoo and conditioner. starting from £8.99 shop the range here.

Perfectly packaged beauty products are always a great gift idea and The Vintage Cosmetics Company certainly have that covered! A perfect budget piece from their collection are the slanted tweezers Available in 3 different, equally perfect patterns. Any girl would love to find these in their stocking this year! Pick them up, plus many more stocking fillers, on the Vintage Cosmetics website.

 Nails are always a great stocking fillers, you can be sure any girl will appreciate them. If falsies are your recipients thing, there are loads of cheap but great choices over at Superdrug and Boots. These Christmas designer nail wraps from thumbs up would make for a perfect stocking filler. They have a huge range of other patterns available all for £6.99 and less! Who loves Lottie London? I certainly do. This nail polish trio is a great small gift and really Christmassy. The polish is great quality and at £11.99 for this set, very affordable.

Clo Clo London have to be one of the best affordable jewellery brands about. Their products range from just 99p (for some extremely pretty earrings may I add). Why not add a statement necklace to your friends collection? This pink and pastel blue one is just £9.99. Shop loads from just £2.99 here.

Makeup lover? What girl isn't? A great idea for a Christmas Gift is a bundle of your recipients favorite brand. My personal fave budget beauty brand is  W7 so the above would be the ideal gift for me. All of these products can be found on the W7 website for great prices. If you're not one for putting together hampers they have a range of already put together gift sets.

Look out for my next Gift Guides; Womens, Beauty, and Mens!

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Having fairly recently moved into the Merseyside area i've been keen to explore the city and get to as many new places as possible. Liverpool is such a great city for so many things, shopping, gigs, food, ect! Over the last couple of months I've been testing out a number of venues trying to scout out the best places. My results:
The static gallery is the perfect place for creatives in Liverpool. It's unique venue contains is a multi-use arts space with a large gallery , artists' studios, and a well stocked bar area used for live music and  film screenings

A friends fan? I hear you. Some bright spark has catered to every 90's babies needs and set up a cafe designed to look like the friends casts very own favourite place.  If that doesn't sound good enough they even play friends episodes on big screens throughout the day. If you want to test your knowledge of the series turn up on Wednesday evenings for the quiz night.

Feeling some afternoon tea? Oh Me Oh My is the place to go. This exclusive cafe on Water Street has to be one of the best date places around. The venue is extremely modern and very glamorous. 

Not lucky enough to live in the Liverpool area? Why not get yourself a hotel. My favourite choice? Travelodge. They have a massive range of hotels in the area and great prices.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Any bride knows that planning a wedding is hard work. I have seen so many of friends approach wedding planning with fear and trepidation. It got me thinking that there has to be an easier way to organise a wedding. I think a lot of it comes down to being really well prepared and thinking about things well in advance. In fact there are lots of ways to make sure you are on top of your wedding planning and ways to get great ideas to make your big day really special.


Asian weddings are typically big affairs. There is usually no holding back on the guest list. Everyone from your best friends to your great aunt you hardly see will be invited. That means you need to get thinking about your guest list well in advance. Write down a list of everyone you think you will need and get your partner to do the same. Check with your parents to see if there is anyone they would like to invite too. Once you have your preliminary list, go through it again and see if there is anyone you can remove from the list. Depending on how large you want your wedding to be, you may have to do this a few times.


Going to a wedding show is a great place to pick up some fresh ideas. You can take the opportunity to find out all the latest trends and see if there is anything you have forgotten about. Search online to find out where the nearest wedding show to you is and book tickets. I would suggest taking your bridesmaids with you. They will be much more ready to spend all day thinking about wedding planning than your partner!


If you want to save yourself a whole lot of hassle, choosing a wedding planner to do it for you is a great idea. You will save loads of time and energy. Wedding planning can be really stressful so getting someone else to do it will make your life so much easier. They will know all the tricks of the trade and be able to get you some good deals. Find a wedding planner who you get on with and find it easy to talk to. This is the best type of wedding planner. You will be able to tell them all the things you like about their ideas and all the things you hate. Secondly, you also need to find someone who can listen well. Ultimately you will be giving them your ideas and letting them translate that into something physical. They need to be able to take on board your ideas and make that happen.


If you have chosen your bridesmaids, use them! Don’t let them get away with not helping you plan. That’s what they are there for. Set them tasks and get them involved in the research. Just be careful you don’t turn into Bridezilla and demand too much.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The run up to Christmas is here! It's time to start planning seasonal content. I don't know about you but this is one of my favourite parts of being a blogger. There's so much content to write about this time of year. If you're struggling to think of any yourself  take a look below for my top 12 season post idea's. I hope they inspire you:

Even in my pre-blogging era I would search for these kind of posts. They are sooo useful, i'm pretty certain I'll be reading every one that pops up on my feed this year. If you want to read a guide for yourself keep an eye out for my own in the next couple of weeks.

Anything particular you have your eye on for Christmas? We want to know! You never know you're friends and family may just be stalking your blog especially for this!

If you're into this kind of thing the holidays can be the perfect time to mix up your look going for something different to usual, and for those of us who aren't into that kind of thing, we need your guidance!

I've loved participating in swaps so far in my blogging life and will definitely be joining in and blogging a Christmas swap. I cannot wait to read posts of those doing the same.

Make your own Christmas cards, music mix tape, presents? Share how with us! I never do DIY's on this site but even i'm tempted!

I for one am slightly obsessed with all the different types of Christmas cards out there, i'd love to see everyone's collection.
Visted winter wonderland or something similar? Write a post about your day. I'm sure those who worn't lucky enough to go themselves would appropriate it.

Ok we know you wrote a gift guide about presents you recommend but what did you actually go out and buy. We want to see! Christmas shopping is so fun (in my eyes anyway) and what's even better is having a platform to make shopping even better! After all, you can't talk about what you got people to them, unless you want to ruin the surprise!

Christmas (in the UK anyway) revolves massively around food. As a terrible cook I would definitely enjoy reading a few festive recipes to have a go at and there's an abundance of different christmassy foods out there to work with.

I absolutely adore these post. I read/watch them all year round. Can't wait to do my own this year!

So those are all my festive post ideas. I'll definitely be doing as many of them as I can myself.
It's only just turned Novemeber and i'm already soo exited for Christmas! Please let me know if you decide to do any of these as I'd love to give them a read.
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