Wednesday, October 07, 2015

A Harry Potter fan? Of course you are! Who isn't. There's hundreds of Harry Potter related gifts on the market, Chocolate frogs, tours of the studios, socks, scalfs, all sorts. Today's post is on a new find! Everything but the memories designs is a Sheffield based gift company. They offer a huge range of products from tea towels to pillows, all with themes of the best loved shows. First of my picks are these three Harry Potter themed pencils with memorable quotes from the books engraved. These are £3.50 a set and range in quotes. There's also a 5 piece set available for  £4.50 Next, my very own spellbook! Potions is the subject I think i'd be best at if I were at Hogwarts so this would definitely be where i'd revise that. For now though (as i'm still waiting for my letter) i'll be using it for my University work!

Not a Harry Potter fan? Well done for making it this far. There's still plenty for you over at EBTM designs. You can even get your own personalised products with anything you like on them.
*Post contains items gifted to me


Sunday, October 04, 2015

Just a tiny disclaimer before I begin; I know the topic of this post is often seen as a controversial/behind clothes doors topic but I really think it shouldn't be. Blogging is a skill that we put a lot of time and effort into. While some may choose to blog for fun I see no reason to shame the ones of us who want to treat our blog like a business, and who say's we can't enjoy blogging at the same time? I'm writing this post as I've had have had lot's of emails from new bloggers asking for help on this subject. Now I can't claim to be an expert, as I have only been blogging a a year or so myself. I have though, had the chance to work with some amazing brands and have a few tips that I can share for those wishing to do the same. 


This is probably the harder part. I find once you've got a couple under your belt the opportunities snowball in. Getting that all exiting first sample isn't the easiest but here's how I did it several months ago after blogging for just over a month. I attended the Lincoln blog meet as a shy one-month-into-the-journey-blogger and was completely overwhelmed by the gift bag of products I received. One thing took my eye especially was The Fragrance shop discovery club box. I decided to write a review on it on my own accord. Although this wasn't really a PR sample I decided to treat it like one and write my best possible review. I ended up being so proud of the review that I decided to send the link to the pr company along with a thank you note for donating the boxes to the event. As such a new blogger I was so exited to receive an email back asking if I'd like to be part of there bloggers mailing list. To this day i'm still in contact with the same company and have had the chance to work with amazing brands including Sheercover, SpaFind, and Tantruth. I would really recommend sharing your existing reviews with the companies they feature as not only does it give them a chance to discover your blog it shows your dedication to the company.


There are soo many sites designed to bring the brand to the blogger and visa versa. They're a few sites I find time-wasting, and rarely anything good comes from them. The ones I have trialed out myself and recommend are: 
Etailprbloggernetwork: The downside with this one is it can be quite a slow process to get accepted. Once your on though it's such an easy site to use. You click apply to whichever campaigns interested you then once accepted you are directed to a page to pick out the things you would like to feature. Again though this often does take some time.
BrandBacker is a site anyone can join up to, write a few details about your blog and request to join campaigns that interest you by writing a little note to the company.,
Bloggersrequried: This one is very similar to BrandBacker although I personally find better opportunities from it.
TheBloggerProgramme This ones my new favorite. Here, as well as some featured opportunities you can find an A-Z list of companies willing to work with bloggers and the means to send them a pitch with your collaboration ideas.


Unless your Tanya Burr, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter or someone who is definitely not reading this, then they're isn't going to be an endless number of companies sat refreshing your blogs page waiting for the opportunity to work with you (Sorry to be the one to break the news). People will contact you, yes but if you're really interested in working with a company and think you have a great idea that would feature they're products then why not contact them yourself? They might not say yes but I doubt you will ever receive a nasty comment. I would advice though not to contact just to ask for products to review. Try to come up with an idea that features a product and explain how it benefits the company. For example I worked on a collaborative post with many false eyelash and tanning companies for my 'battle of the false lashes' and 'battle of the false tan' series'. I contacted all of the companies involved myself and all wanted to be involved because of the amount of people likely to find the post when google searching reviews of which tan to buy.


Are you looking for sponsored post payments, priced reviews, or 'free' products to share within posts? Whatever you decide make it very clear that the company you are working with knows what your after and what to expect in return. You should try and be clear on the products/payments being sent,  when the product/payment will arrive, and the deadline for the collaborative  post to go live. Some companies are happy for you to write content in your own time, some have a week deadline, whatever the circumstances, it's best to know from the off.


This may seem like a given but it's too important not to mention; Now that you've been trusted by a company, and sent an item or two at there cost, try your hardest to write the best possible post. You may only be sent something small to start with but don't let the low value stop you from taking great photos and using your best writing. If you don't like something about the product that's fine, but don't let that effect your writing ability. Try to explain what didn't work for you and if possible suggest how that might not be the case for others.


Once you've written and posted your killer article be sure to send the link over to whomever you collaborated with. I like to wait about a day before I do this just so my post has the chance to be viewed and commented on. If you enjoyed working with the company let them know that your willing to work with them again. Chances are, if they enjoy your post you'll be straight onto there blogger list.

So that's it, just a few little tips for those wanting to start working with companies on there blogs. 
Have fun working with your favourite brands! Any questions, just ask.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015
I'm having a revamp of my skincare now that the seasons changing. How organised do I sound rotating my products for the weather (i'm definitely not!). One of the new brands i'm trying out is FaceB4! Just launched via Makeup Revolution FaceB4 is an anti bacterial skincare brand with the best results in the UK! As always, I've put them to the test


Thursday, September 24, 2015
It's winter time! (Ok Autumn, but there's no harm in preparing early) Things are getting pale! The times of being able to slap a little gradual tan on and be done are over; The season of full body tanning is upon us! Today's post is teaching the do's and don'ts of facial tanning to ensure a beautifully matching glow all year round. 



Saturday, September 19, 2015

 CAKE! Cake is amazing. Particularly personalised cake that arrives in a cute tin via the post. If you shop at bakerdays that's exactly what you can expect. There's hundreds of designs to choose from. You can edit one and make it personal or go the whole hog and upload your own design or photograph. They print the cake and a couple of days later it arrives through the letterbox. Being gluten intolerant it's not often I get to eat things like this but baker days offer a wheat free cake! They also do a vanilla sponge, a chocolate fudge, and a fruit cake for those of you lucky enough not to have an allergy.  There's a few different sizes to choose from. The letterbox cake pictured is £14.99. The cake itself, not only looks great but it's delicious. The icing especially is amazing. Hungry and want to try one for yourself? Enter the giveaway below to win your own personalised letterbox cake!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Colourfull concealers used to cover up a range of skin discolouration problems seem to be a big craze at the minute. The budget brands are jumping on board and there's  review post for various cream CC palettes all over the internet. What I haven't seen is any mention of mineral foundation colour correctors. When I came across a couple from Zuzka naturals I had to give them a try! They sell two different shades at the minute. They both come in an easy to use, simply packaged 6g pot. They sell at £14.99 each and can be brought here. The reason I was so excited to try mineral correctors is because of how much better these products are for your skin than general makeup is. They're non-comedogenic meaning they won't clog up skin pores. They're also use only natural products, no skin irritating/toxic indigence.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trying to shift a few pounds? Go you! Embracing your body and your natural beauty is important, nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose a few excess pounds and tone up. The key to steady weight loss is to eat better and join a gym. In the end, it all comes down to burning more calories than you eat. Still, if you want to go the extra mile there are products that can help.


Exercise and diet should always form the foundation of your new healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, health stores are full of supplements that can provide a huge boost as you look to shed the excess pounds. The hardest part is deciphering which products are worth the price. Fat burners are among the most popular items. When used in conjunction with regular exercise, they can become your new secret weapon. Elsewhere, many dieters will turn to meal replacement products to give their weight loss a significant boost. It can work for the short-term, but this shouldn’t be used as a long-term approach. There’s no substitute (apart from surgery) for hard work. Nonetheless, investing in the right supplements could accelerate your progress greatly. Knowledge is power, don’t be afraid to use it.


In most cases, losing a few extra pounds will provide you with a newfound radiance. However, shedding the excess fat will leave you with a few new problems. Most noticeably, your skin might feel a little loose. Finding a way to cure this is vital. The sagging skin will ruin your otherwise positive results. Thankfully, there are a number of natural ways to help tighten the skin. This will help perfect the look you’ve been striving so hard to achieve. It’s a crucial step of the weight loss program, and one that no dieter can afford to overlook. If all else fails, there are cosmetic surgeons that can help you battle back against the excess skin. As long as you’ve handled your weight loss in a suitable manner, though, you should be able to achieve it using the natural approach.


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