Zuzka Mineral Foundation Makeup

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A while ago I posted about my first experience using mineral makeup and how much I loved it.
Since I have been trying out lot's more and wanted to share my newest find. Zuzka natrual
beauty. They have a massive range of mineral makeup ranging from lipsticks to eye shadows.

I've been trying out their mineral foundation in Medium Beige. It always shocks me that the coverage
on powder foundations can be so good. I can wear this without concealer and still hide all my imperfections
by blending a little bit more over my areas of concern.

I think this gives a really natural look, perfect for the days I don't want to wear too much on my face.
At £18.99 I think this is a decent product and well worth a try. I'll definitely be trying out more of their
beauty range. 

The perfect natural tan with Tan Organic

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Being a huge tanning fan and still looking to find my 'cult' product I was so exited to try out the range
 from Tan Organic. Tan organic is an all natural, organic certified, sun-less tanning  company. They
 offer a range of products with ingredients aloe vera, Argan oil, Avacoda oil, Ginseng and more
 natural goodies that can all be seen here

If you've faked tanned before you'll know how patchy and horrible it can look in the fading stage
and exfoliating it away is the only way not to look like a giraffe. I've always just used the £1 Pimark
mitts previously and never realised I was missing out until I used the Tan-erase from Tanorganic. So
much of the tan came off instantly without having to scrub too hard at all. After one use I was whiter
than i'd been in years, clearly indicating that my self tan had never properly come off before. Skins
also so soft and ready for tan application after using the mitt. If you want to get my new favorite
tanning product for yourself you can here for £11.42

Out of all the tanning products I've used i'd never once tried out (or even heard of) a tanning oil which
is because TanOrganics has created the worlds first one! It's essentially a moisture oil but gives a subtle
tan. Ideal for achieving a natural looking glow. I've heard it's also one awards for being a great facial
tan so I look forward to testing that out.

After two layers my results were more dramatic than I thought (not complaining). The tan looks really
natural and makes my skin look a lot healthier. It was really easy to apply and, although I did use a
mitt you don't have to. It's completely mess free which is definitely more than I can say for most other
tanning products. Lastly, the best thing about this tan is that it smells amazing such a nice change from
the usual biscuit smelling tanning products. If you want to buy this product for yourself it's available
here for £18.39

The package also came with these chocolates which I thought was such a cute touch!

Memebox Special #52 Wonderful Finds

Monday, 19 January 2015

Last week, after loads of Memebox's I received my first Memebox special! I actually didn't even
know  that was a thing. It comes in a larger box with 7 full sized products! It's also only $23 (£15)
which is amazing value considering the product value is a massive $142 (£93) It contained some
amazing bits too (Spoilers ahead)

Starting with my favorite product the play choux is a skin perfecting primer avaible in either lemon, or
peach. I received the peach version which was perfect for me as it's designed to colour correct dullness.
It's a super shimmery primer and gives my makeup an amazing dewy finish.

 I love receiving expensive skincare products in the boxes and this $65 cream is definitely 
that! It's paraben and alcohol free, designed to boosts the function of antioxidants and minerals to
 stimulate skin turnover making it softer, soothed and hydrated.

I'm not a soap user but this pearl shaped novelty is too cute not to give a go. I actually first thought it
was a hand soap but turns out its to be massaged into the face like a cleanser. I can't wait to try this!

Another expensive skincare is this ginger and garlic extract serum by Skindeco. I have to admit I was
a bit skeptical about this one but I've been loving using it before moisturiser for a healthy looking glow.

Probably my favorite thing from the box is this moisturizing hand cream by MuMur. It melts onto skin 
with a silky soft finish creating  dew-like water drops when massaged over skin mimicking the look of
a snowdrop. I've been carrying this around everywhere with me!

This multi use soothing cream works to moisturise any dehydrated skin, be it face, elbows, knees, ect.
The green Aloe Vera capsules soothe and moisturise skin while the yellow vitamin capsules rejuvenates 
and brightens up complexion as they melt onto skin. You can also mix in a table spoon of sugar to make
the perfect body scrub.

Lastly, another amazing find. I love the design of this, would make such a nice gift. In case your
wondering what it actually is, which I definitely was; It's a hydrogel patch to be placed on the 
winkles among your smile lines for 20 or so minutes to relieve and prevent the look of wrinkles.

Hair Care Saviours

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Up until a few weeks ago I never really bothered much with hair care but after suddenly deciding I 
want long shiny locks for the new year, I've started paying much more attention. Out of all the new 
products I've tried to help my hair transformation journey I've picked out my top 3 to share and why:

Schwarzkopf BB beauty balm repair

I've actually been using one for a couple of months to target my split ends. I brought it on sale because
I thought it looked pretty good and now i'd definitely buy again at the full price of £5.98. It's sold
as a 7 in one product to:

- Intensively repair 
- Restore & prevents split ends
- Easy combing
- Shine
- Bounce & vitality
- Re-balance hydration levels
-Weightless effect

I can't say I've noticed the weightless effect or the re-balancing of hydration levels (whatever they are)
but everything else it definitely works for. I've even had lot's of compliments on how much better my
hair looks just from using this one product.

 Hairburst tablets

Hairburts, or hairvits as they used to be called, are supplements designed to make the hair grow. They're
packed with vitamins and collagen as well as other healthy diet supplements. It only contains natural
ingredients so it's a clean and natural supplement. I was a bit skeptical before I tried these as i'd heard
a few things about them being a scam and not actually working. After a few days of taking these though I
was sooo impressed with the change in my hair and after a few weeks it looked obviously longer and 
healthier. The only problem is these do tend to break me out in spots, but only a few and the results
are worth it in my eyes.

TIGI Bed Head Recovery Mask*

The newest edition to my hair care trio is the TGI Bed Head antidotes recovery treatment mask. It's
the perfect hydration booster for dry and worn out hair. It also works to smooth out 'frazzled locks',
and repair signs of damaged hair. It's definitely outshone my old TRESemme mask. The best part
is that, although the RRP is £14.95 you can pick it up for just £8.99 at Hairtrade.com! 

Budget Makeup Brushes- BornPrettyStore

Thursday, 8 January 2015

I've been wanting to expand my brush collection for ageees now and last week I got the
chance to trial a few from the Born Pretty Store. The set is called the Newly black, 
wooden handled, frosted flat kit and consists of 5 brushes. The brushes are made from 
Nylon hair and are a mixture of tapered, flat and angled heads. Their bristles pretty 
dense and perfect for a sheer coverage application. I've loved using the flat brushes for a
 natural foundation look, the angled for liquid contouring and the tapered for my under eye
 concealer application.

The brushes are so cheap at just $13.99 (£9.26) I'd definitely recommend. 
If you would like to purchase these, or anything else on the site you can use the code
DRUH10 for 10% off.

Tmart Haul

Monday, 5 January 2015

When I was contacted by Tmart a month or so ago asking if I wanted to try some of their
products I immediately said yes and excitedly started picking out some bits as i'd heard such 
great things about the site. I was really happy with all the products I received so I hope you
enjoy a raving review:

Lesie Preofessional Makeup Concelear Palette

I picked this out because i've been desperate to try the Ben Nye concelear wheel and this looked
like a decent alternative. Being so cheap I didn't expect it to be quite such good quality as it is.
The formula is so creamy and applies really well with excellent coverage. My only problem is the dark
shade isn't quite dark enough for me to contour with. On the plus side at £3.65  I can easily buy a 
darker version.

MSQ Proffesional Blush Brush

I've been going on a bit of a blush hype recently so really wanted to try one from Tmart. I opted for
this one as I don't have an agled blush brush and I can imagine they're very useful. I've found that
the bristles on this are quite dense which makes it perfect for a sheer application of blush/bronzer
or can be used to blend. I'm really interested to trying some other brush sets from Tmart which
can all be found here.

Replica Urban Decay Naked Flushed

Lastly I picked out this replica urban decay palette as i'm always interested in testing out replicas.
I've actually not got the real urban decay flushed so I can't compare but next to my naked basics
the packaging seems pretty on point. The only thing I notice is the first letters missing from 'blush'
and 'highlighter' which seems weird. As far as the actual product goes the shades seem very similar
to the actual version but they're quite sheer. I'm so looking forward to wearing this often!

So that's everything I got from Tmart. I really can't wait to buy some more from them.
Any recommendations? 

Memebox- Korea's Most Wanted 2

Friday, 2 January 2015

Memebox Korea's most wanted 2, aka my favorite box to date, is filled with 6 of Koreas most
popular beauty products. I've been testing these all out for a good week or so in order to write
my opinions for all of you interested.

elRol tone up starter
Used to be known as eRol tone up sun gel has been relaunched as a makeup prepper (primer)
with it's UV protection still included the product also smooths skin, balances tone, fills
in fine lines and wrinkles and brightens up the overall completion. I also love that it's a slightly
green colour which will help to defuse redness which I definitely need this time of year.

Hiello blooming multi firming cream
Firstly I LOVE the name of this (haha!) It's a anti-wrinkle night cream to be applied and left on
over night. It's said to brighten up dulled complexion and rejuvenate the skin. Having used this twice
 over night twice I can say it does just that and I've been really impressed with my skin the next day.

The Tang Tang Kissy Skin Therapy Peeling Wash
 A peeling gel especially made for dry and sensitive skin (perfect for me) The product is really gentle
and leaves my face feeling really fresh. It doesn't say how often you can use this but I've been applying
twice a week.

LadyKin One Touch Bling Glow Lipstick
I was soo exited when I saw this lipstick in the box, as I rarely get the chance to try Korean beauty
products. This is a really nice shade of lipstick, very similar to Mac brave, that applies very smoothly
and I have found lasts well.

The FaceShop Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Essence
This thick serum is to be applied daily to deeply moitstuers and smooth out the skin. Having really
dry skin this was another product I was so exited to see. At $9 this is such a bargain and something
i'll definitely be repurchasing.

Kskin Emu Leg R-free Massage Cream
This looks like a bit of a strange one but is actually a very useful product. It's a blend of ingredients
that work to smooth, moistuer and firm legs (or another flabby areas) in order to make the skin
appear slimmer. It's very similar to Soap and Glory's XXL cream, although comparing the too I think
this is a stronger formula, though at $46 it isn't cheap!

So that's everything in this months Memebox. Such a good box in my opinion!