BlankX Teeth Whitening Kit Giveaway

Thursday, 20 November 2014

In my last post a shared my opinions of the BlankX teeth whitening range which I've been very
impressed with. Now I've got the chance to give one of my readers the entire kit to try for

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The winner will be contacted via email. If I have no response within 72 hours a new
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The giveaway will run for two weeks then I will be sending the winners
details to BlankX who will send out the price.
Any problems email me

Blank X Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Call me superficial but there's not much I like more than a tanned bod and white teeth. I was
so happy then to get the chance to try out the entire Blank X White Shock teeth whitening range.
They're all natural products without the use of optical brighteners, abrasive, and peroxide. This
sounds great but to be honest I wasn't sure if this would mean the whitening effect would be lesser
 until I tried it out and realised it definitely wasn't! I've been using Blank X for a couple of weeks
now and have been more impressed by this than any other similar product I've tried, and I've tried

The range comes with 5 products and can be brought online or at Boots, Superdrug, Asda,
Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose with the prices ranging from £3.29 for the tooth paste and
the most expensive product being just £10. The BlankX tooth paste with LED accelerator 
is a blue toothpaste said to whiten the teeth from the first brush . It also comes with an led accelerator
 to enhance the effect of the tooth whitening.  I've been using this for a couple of weeks and am really
liking it as a tooth paste. It's not as minty as others which can be really over powering. The Blankx 
tooth paste is also available in a refill cube so you don't have to buy the LED each time.

The Blankx white shock formula is the intensive whitening treatment that comes with the kit 
to be used as a daily toothpaste. Once used you place the led bite that comes in the pack onto your
 teeth for at least one minute. For a better effect you can use the led bite for 10 minutes once a week. 
The led bite has a useful timer that turns itself off after the 10 minutes are up which makes this process
 so simple.

The white shock formula pen is a clever design. It's the same formula as the previous product but
in a handy pen shaped design that you can easily carry out with you and top up during the day.
 I've been using this product for 5 minutes or so them simply rinsing off.

Also in the kit is the Blankx white shock mouthwash although there's not too much I can say about
a mouth wash it's probably the best one I've tried so far and perfect for if you want to get the best
possible effect from your teeth whitening.

 After using the kit for 2 weeks and as instructed I've noticed a considerable difference in the whiteness of
my teeth. Although I never had bad teeth they are definitely looking a lot better in terms of brightness and I can't wait to continue to use the kit. I will be updating my results on my instagram.
Find more on BlankX by following their Facebook and Twitter
BlankX also have a youtube channel when they share amazing beauty tips that I think you should
all take a look at!

I also have a BlankX giveaway for you going live tomorrow!

Gifts ideas for all the family with Flamingo Gifts

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

3 Christmas posts in a week. Seems a lot right? Well prepare for a lot more because i'm going
all out this year. I hope you're in a reading mood because this post might be a long one. I've collaborated
with Flamingo Gifts for my first gift guide post of the year. Flamingo gifts are an online store selling, you
guessed it, gifts! They have a massive range of products that I spent literally hours browsing through last week selecting something for everyone in the family. This was made so much easier by the 'For her'
'For him' ect categories on the site. After picking my things at around 12pm I was so shocked to
receive everything parceled extra securely on my front doorstep the next morning. It turns out
that they send out all items ordered before 3pm out with 1st class delivery on the same day. It's not
often I waffle on about deliveries but I was so impressed by this! Anyway here's what I went for:

Dads: This Ted baker flask is such a perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for, because who
doesn't like hot drinks?! It's design is also absolutely stunning and is printed onto a leather sleeve. They
also sell a tablet sleeve and hip flask in the same print which i'm very tempted by.

Brothers: I find brothers extremely hard to buy for but with the massive range of gift ideas on Flamingo
Gifts I easily opted for one of the 'Creepy cups' These come in a range of spiders, shark attack and skel-
entons. From the outside it looks like an average, decent sized black mug yet at the bottom it comes
with a creepy create disguised to scare the drinker.

Mums: There was sooo many amazing things on the website to choose from it took me some serious
deciding. I eventually opted for this jewelry dish from the home ware accessories section. It's such a delicate
and pretty peice it'd be hard for anyone not to love. There's so many other dainty little pieces like this
on the site too.


Sisters: Sneakily (and luckily for me) I don't actually have a sister so I get to keep this amazing
Lolita wine glass for myself! I've been eyeing these up for a while as my local garden center stock a few
but not nearly as many as the massive range that flamingo gifts offer. There's bound to be something for
every girl here and the way they're wrapped and presented make them the most amazing gift. They even
do Christmas tree decoration glasses if you want to me super themeic (definitely just coined a great new
word there)

So there, everything you need to please your family this Christmas all on one site! Check out
Flamingo gifts for everything here and much more. P.s how cute is my pug wrapping paper? I'm
thinking about doing a gift wrap haul if that's something people would want to see?

Christmas Wishlist

Sunday, 16 November 2014

It's that time of year, although honestly I've been slowly building my whilst list up till June, but
at least now I can publish it without looking weird) My wishlists a bit all over the place this year, there's
so many random little bits I want. I pretty much always ask for a couple of benefit gift boxes as they make
such good gifts but this year I've asked for a couple higher end products to add to the collection.

Zoeva pink elements classic brush set, Ikea kristaller chandelier , Books: wuthering heights and gone girl,
RCMA foundation palette V#11, QVC rotating makeup organiser, Nikon D3200 remote, Chanel 
allure sensuelle perfume , W7 in the night palette, Mac velvet teddy or brave lipstick, Cafe press gift voucher, Finding Mr. Bright

What's on your wish list?

Replica Mac Review

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I'm not the type of person that swoons over designer labels, if a product suits me ill use it, regardless weather
it's an MUA lipstick or a Tom Ford, and i'm definitely not the type of person that buys endless amounts of 
replica products in the attempt to look fancy. When I saw these 12 replica Mac liners on ioffer for just £10
though I couldn't resit giving them ago. I new they'd never be as good as Mac quality but at the end of the
day a lip liners a lip liner and at less than £1 each that isn't bad for any brand!

To me the packaging seems pretty on point. The only slight thing is that the tip of the pencil is a slightly
different shade to that of the colour on the end of the box. As  for the product itself I was really impressed.
The liner doesn't go on quite as smoothly as any of the genuine macs I have. There's also a slight weird smell
but it's nothing too bad. In terms of lasting power I think these liners might be better than actual Mac. I
applied the 'Dervish' liner all over my lips and found it last pretty much all day.

Top: Mac  Bottom: Replica Mac

So in conclusion these are no mac but they're not far off and for less than a pound each they're definitely
worth a buy and I can't lie it does feel pretty good to have a whole storage draw full of 'Mac'.
I have a couple of replica brow pencils as well so I will do a post on them if anybody would like?

Quirky & Inexpensive Handmade Gift Idea

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Completely out of the blue last week I decided to make myself a few little bits, due to the success
of them I realised what I good gift they would make for those of us on a budget. All I needed to make 
these cute personalised items was was:
A design
Transfer paper (£2 for 10 sheets on ebay)
An item of clothing to print on 

I simply selected my design from Google and my garment, I opted for Obama as I have a bit of a strange
Obama thing, and socks as I thought they'd be nice and easy (plus it's less odd than walking around in an
Obama T-shirt). I measured out the socks to see what size the image would need to be and went for 8x9cm.
 I opened up photoshop to size my image but you can use any program for this. You also need to flip your image before printing onto the transfer paper. It's probably a good idea to print onto normal paper first just to check everything looks ok and is the right size, when you're sure it is print onto the plain side of the transfer paper (Most paper will come with a logo or red squares on one side).

Once you've printed you'll need to cut out your image/images. I left a little borer round the edge of my prints
because I think it looks good but you can cut out straight around if you like. Then all that's left to do is take
your image/s and place them face down onto your item on an ironing board. If you're doing socks you may want to put some cardboard or something into the socks to keep them stretched out. You just want to iron
over the transfer paper for 30 seconds each before peeling back the paper leaving your image marked onto
the garment.

Then that's it! There's a whole load of different ways you could design these to make the perfect gift for someone. I've actually made a few more for myself because I love them so much.

Memebox | My top picks

Sunday, 9 November 2014

After receiving my latest Memebox (#43 Special K Style) and being equally impressed with the contents
as I always am, I decided id do a little post on my top picks of the boxes I have so far. I won't go into to
much detail about the newest box. If you want to look more into it you can see it's contents here. I love
so many products from each of my Memebox's but I've managed to narrow it down to my favorite 5:

c02 Melting Cleanser
This is by far the best melting cleanser I've ever used. It foams up nicely, removing makeup really well
yet is not drying which I find with so many other similar products. I actually find this quite moisturizing. 

Cacao Brightening Mask
I've already spoken about this so many times but I could not miss it out, it's my definite favorite Korean
beauty product and the best face mask I've ever used. It makes a massive difference to my skin and 
I'll be so sad when the pot finishes. 

7 Day Tattoo Eyebrow
This is my newest Memebox find. It does pretty much as you'd expect from its name. It's actually a little
light for me so I top up with a bit of powder each morning but it still saves lot's of time as i'm not having
to shape my brows every morning just going over the mark from this. 

Cooling Foot Mist Spray
This might seem a bit of an odd one but this stuff is soooo good. You just spray a little on after a long
day walking around (shopping mostly) for an instant refresher. I think i'm actually going to start taking this
out with me so I can spray during the day.

French C02 Aqua Moisturizing Cream
Although this snail extract cream didn't exactly appeal to me to start with I gave it the benefit of the doubt
and tried it out anyway. It's actually proved to be a really decent moisturizer, even finding it's way into
my daily routine.

So those are my Memebox top picks, i'd love to hear everyone else favorites. If you don't have
anything from memebox yet you can see/buy all the boxes for yourself here