Winter Boot Wishlist

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Winter boots are one of my favorite things to buy. I've built up a pretty impressive collection over the years but that won't be stopping me add to my collection this coming Autumn/winter. I've put together a wishlist from two amazing companies Shoenique and Jones:

Jones have a huge selection of Leather Ankle Boots all of which I want for myself! I did manage to narrow it down to my top 4 included in the wish list. They're all perfect for the upcoming months and at prices ranging from £33 to £110. It's going to be hard to choose between them! 

Jones Nikki ankle boots £33
£33 down from £110!
Jones Nanette ankle boots £110

Jones Oriel ankle boots £99

Maisy ankle boots £33
Boots with a heel always look amazing in my option. These are the perfect height to look good but still be able to walk around all day in.

 Shoenique is a new found company for me. They have a whole load of brands for really decent prices including Rieker Boots, Barbour, Hunters, and Joules, some of my favorite brands! I also managed to limit myself to 4 pairs that I have to have (and about 50 that I also wouldn't mind landing on my doorstep)

I love heeled boots. These are so sophisticated and would look great with my Barbour jacket
I've never had a beige pair of shoes before and these are making me wonder why not.
I love the fur around the top.

Definitely some great finds on these two sites! 

Do's and Don'ts for great SEO

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Do; Focus on link quality over quantity
One link from a popular site is likely to do more for your se rankings than dozens of low quality links as search engines place more trust in them. 

Focus on getting links from sites that: 

Are relevant to your blogs content e.g 
Do not have a lot of outgoing dofollow links.
Do not contain links to adult, or gambling sites

Likewise you should've be linking things that:
Are irrelevant to your content
Has adult or gambling content
Has a lot of outgoing dofollow links

Don't Cram keywords
“Keyword stuffing” is loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Cramming your posts with keywords or numbers results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking. It's way more important to create useful content that people actually want to use with appropriate keywords that are in content. Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.

Do; Create shareable content
The best way to generate links and a higher DA is naturally. Try and write relate-able, engaging content that people want to share with their own audience. When your content is shared, Google notices that people are reading, adding authority to your content. A few ways to make your content shareable are:
Creating captivating titles
Using images and media
Provide value within the content

Don't; Use general SEO theory's 
Just because one SEO tactic works for one company it doesn't mean it will another. Small business owners and bloggers gain massive benefit by learning how to do SEO themselves. A private SEO course that is relevant to your own business is usually a lot more effective than learning general SEO theory.

Do; Make sure meta descriptions are filled in and alt text images
This is a simple one but it works. If you want your images to be seen in Google search engines (and who wouldn't? You generate a lot of traffic this way), then make sure you save the file something relevant and add alt text writing to the images in blogger/wordpress. Meta descriptions can be altered in settings and on each blog post. Make them short, catchy, and something that would entice readers scrolling through Google to pick your content over others.

For more advice on what not to do read seo training london's article on bad seo and how it's killing small businesses.
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Battle of the false tans | Instant tan

Friday, 21 August 2015

A while back I ran a small series called the Battle of the false lashes where I compared loads of different pairs of lashes highlighting their best features and potential flaws. A few months on and it's still one of my most popular posts with hundreds of people finding it through google searches of lashes they're clearly interested in. It's successes combined with how much I enjoyed working on the series has made me decide to start it up again, this time featuring my personal obsession, false tanning. 
There are so many different false tans on the market. I've made it my job to test out and feature as many as I can so that you can all decide which product is right for you. Here goes:

He-shi face and body tanning gel

What I love about this tan is the colour result. Even the most patch free glowing fake tan often looks fake. This one leaves your bod a nice olive tone that looks extremely natural. After wearing for a few days the colour faded nicely without leaving horrible faded patches. The one downside is that after using a couple of times I feel like i've used up a fair bit of the bottle. Having said that the bottle retails at only £18.50  

Tantastic liquid tan

The second product I tried was the tantastic liquid tan. It was my first ever liquid tan, i'm usually more of a foam girl. I found this perfect for a subtle glow. It's Really easy to apply with a mitt and looks really natural. The only downfall I found with a liquid is that it doesn't tan hands very well but it's perfect for body. I love using a makeup brush to apply this on my face as well but i'll be going into that in more detail on another post. Available for £15 here.

He-shi express liquid tan

This tan makes the biggest difference in colour yet remaining natural looking. Also a liquid meaning it's best applied with a mitt and the watery texture does mean that you have to be quite quick to apply. So long as your prompt with your rubbing in the texture is such a bonus because it means only a little of the product is needed. For a pound stretcher like me this is something I really appreciate in a product. I can see this bottle lasting a long time. When I shower the next morning I noticed little to no fading of the product and I was left with a nice deep tan for several days. Try it yourself here for £21

Vita Liberata NKD SKN tanning mousse 

The best thing about this is that it dries almost instantly meaning you can get changed straight away. There’s nothing worse than tanning before a night out (usually in a rush) then having to wait 5-10 minutes before you can get dressed. The first couple of times I  tried to apply this with rubber gloves, as that's what I usually do with a moose and wasn't happy with the results at all. It sort of patched up on my skin which didn't look good at all. Trying it out with a mitt made a hugeee difference. It looks so natrual yet makes such a big difference in colour. It's been my go to for nights out recently and so many of my friends have brought there own after seeing my results. NKD SKN moose comes in medium and dark for £14.95. I'd be really interested to try the darker shade.

Fake Bake Mousse Tan

Starting off with a negative I was so annoyed as I paid a little more than what I usually would for a tan, but was impressed with the big box thinking i'd get a lot for my money. When I opened the box at home though I realised that the product inside was less than half the size of the actual bottle! Pretty missleading. Anyway, onto the product. It's a mousse tan (my favorite) and the foam about triples in size when it's out the can which does slightly make up for the small bottle thing, plus the five year old in me finds it cool to watch it grow. This is such an easy tan to use, i'd definitely recommend for a beginner. The product comes with rubber gloves but I did try with a mitt for comparison. If you're comfortable to use gloves i'd definitely go for them with this as it just means you have to use way less tan and come out with a much deeper colour which is always my aim. The tan on feels quite moisturizing which is a nice change from a lot of the cheaper tans. I always thought of FakeBake as I really expensive brand but actually at £22 (currently on sale for £8) for this, it's not so bad,

Vita Liberata NKD SKN tanning liquid

This is seriously different to any tan i've tried before. It's a spray bottle but the product comes out like a thick liquid which needs rubbing in. This means you do have to work quite quickly to rub the product in before it streaks but the spray concept makes for a much easier application than generic liquid tans do. The tan blends in well and the guide colour means you can tell where you've already applied product. The NKD skin range are designed for 'girls on the go' and this really showed with the liquid because it dried almost instantly. This is such a bonus for me because i'm often so impatient and end up smudging my tan. Another huge bonus is that it's scentless so you can avoid that weird biscuit tan smell. The tan develops overnight and starts to fade after 6/7 days. For £10 i'd say this is great value for money.

Tantastic Spray Tan

Firstly, how cute is the Tantastic packaging? I love everything pink! Before this i'd never previously tried a spray tan (apart from airbrush legs) if that counts. I have no idea why I haven't picked one up sooner because they're great! Holding the bottle around 5cm from skin and spritzing a light layer makes for the most perfect natural tan, almost like you're getting a professional spray tan. It's the best tan I've found for tanning my hands and feet. Even if i'm using a different product to tan i'll get this out at the end and give a light spritzs over hands and feet leaving them likely tanned without massively oranged knuckles or ankles which I sometimes find an issue. If, like me, you haven't tried a spray tan yet you should try this for yourself for £15

Vita Liberata NKD SKN wash off instant tan

It's not often I use wash of tans but they are perfect for nights out. I like to tan myself a really deep colour for clubbing so with something like this I can do so without looking ridiculous the next day in day light. The texture of this is a gel which is lovely to apply with either gloves or a mitt. It has a matte finish which helps make your skin look smooth and flawless which I love. It's almost like airbrushing your body. The after photo shows the product after just one application. This colour is fine for me but for a deeper tone there is a dark option available. This product, i'm assuming because it's wash off, is the cheapest in the NKD range at £8.50

Price is a massive thing for me when comparing tans. The price varies so much and there are huge other factors to take into account. I've created a little chart to compare the prices and quantity of each of these tans. Hopefully with all this you can feel like you've made an informed decision! Happy tan shopping. 
This post is the start of a huge tanning series. Let me know in the comments if any of these products you'd like to see a full in depth review on or if there's a particular topic/post idea you'd like me to cover. The next post up will be Battle of the false tans | Gradual tanners.

Flawless Wedding Makeup

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Whether you’re about to be the blushing bride or you’re a guest at the wedding, you’re going to want to have flawless makeup. Weddings always have plenty of photo opportunities, so you need to look your best! Here are some tips and tricks for flawless wedding day makeup:

Create a Flawless Base

All amazing makeup looks start with a completely flawless base. So how do you achieve it? You start off by making sure your face is completely clean and nicely moisturised. Leave the moisturiser to sink in, or it can affect the way your foundation blends in. It’s best if you stick to a good facial cleansing routine for a good few weeks at least before the big day.

When your moisturiser has sunk in, you can then go on to applying your foundation. Only use as much as you need; you don’t want to create a mask like effect here. You want it to enhance your features and natural beauty! I love to use a good makeup brush to apply mine. I then apply a good concealer to try to make my dark circles and imperfections as inconspicuous as possible.

Sharpen Up Your Features With a Good Contour

Contouring is a very clever makeup trick that just about everybody is using these days. It’s been a trick of celebrities for years! You can create a longer face, sharper cheekbones, and more prominent lips with a few simple tips. You don’t have to make the look dramatic at all either, so you can still look as natural as possible. Use a ready made contour kit in the right shade for your skintone. The idea is that you highlight and shade areas to give your face a more 3D look. Blending is the key to this, so blend until it looks completely flawless. A harsh contour is never a good contour!


picture author

Make it Waterproof

Even if you’re the hardest of people, weddings can reduce you to tears. I’ve seen it with my own eyes! Make your look waterproof, just incase. Waterproof mascara is an absolute must. If you can find anything else that will help if the tears begin to fall, then invest. I know people who would cry as soon as they received one of the wedding invitations at Paper Themes. If this sounds like you, waterproof makeup is invaluable.  

Look for Photo Finish Products

Photo finish products ensure your faces looks perfect when the cameras begin to flash. It’s like photoshoot makeup, except there’s no need for photoshop! Read some reviews and watch some tutorials to find the best products.

Make it More Natural

Ideally, wedding day makeup will be natural whether you’re a bride or a guest. You’re not trying to look like a vampy vixen; you’re a blushing bride or respectful guest! Go for a romantic makeup look for a change. Pinks and pastels are perfect for your eyes and lips. A good wash of pretty blusher is a must too!

Ready to put your best face forward? Let me know how it goes! *Sponsored post

Reviving my Skin with Astalift Skincare

I'v recently been neglecting my skincare routine and have been left with the dryness, unhappiest skin because of it. The last few weeks Astalift has been my holy grail product in restoring and hydrating my skin back to it's glowing self. Astalift is a premium beauty line developed and produced by Fujifilm. Their products mainly used antioxidation, collagen, and micronization technology. Currently, Astalift carries skincare and base makeup items, but, in the UK, only the skincare products are available. 

Night cream is my number one favorite skincare product. I love waking up to a fresh, moisturized face. The astalift regenerating night cream works to prevent moisture evaporation and regenerate skin overnight. This is ideal for people like me with dry and rough skin. I've been waking up every morning with a smooth, plump and glowing face.  Fujifilm has used advanced antioxidation technology, similar to that used to prevent colour fading in photographs, to minimise the visibility of freckles and skin ageing; this concept seemed a little odd to me but i'm not complaining with the results. I've been using this everyday for a couple of weeks now and the results are clearly noticeable, even a friend commented on how good my skin was looking. I really appreciate products that go along way and this is definitely one of them. On application I dot a tiny blob on both my cheeks and forehead and that's enough to blend around my entire face. I can't wait to see what my skin looks like after using this a few more weeks! Something tells me i'm going to be saving a lot on the foundation i'll no longer need to use.   

Astalift Brightening Serum

I always recommend serums as the best product you can get for dryness. I love how they seem to change the texture of skin skin in minutes.This products is enriched with vitamin C to restore skin, the serum contains collagen, an important structural protein and a key ingredient used in photographic film, which works to effectively hydrate skin. I'm all about collagen at the minute. I have an antiimmune syndrome which means my body produces less of it so whatever I see with collagen I want it either in or on me! I've been using this product in the morning's pre makeup whenever I want a bit of an anti dullness boost (which is most days, who wants to look dull!?) and i'm loving it so far. The application is perfect for right before makeup as it leaves your skin super clean and dewy. A little goes a long way so this bottle is going to last agees. At £43 this is no budget serum but the best I've ever used and i'll definitely be repurchasing

This is also available in a cream version if that's your thing.

My skin after a week of using both products everyday.
Try it for yourself here.

Bad Habits that stunt your beauty

Monday, 17 August 2015

As a follower of my blog, you will know how obsessed I am with looking beautiful, even through unnatural methods. Okay, especially through unnatural methods like spending a fortune on different makeups. But, did you know that your body is naturally beautiful? It’s true, or it will be as long as you take my advice and cut back on the bad habits that damage your body and make you look worse than you should. So, let’s take each one in turn and look at how you can cut back and improve the way you look.


Smoking is a huge hit on your beauty and how you look. It is also one of the toughest bad habits to beat back, but if you can do it, it’s worth it. Smoking affects everything about your body. It makes your skin look pasty, your fingers yellow and adds lines around your lips. You can try covering this up with some makeup techniques but remember, the more makeup you use the faster you will age. So instead why not considering switching to an alternative that will feed your craving without damaging your skin. Vaping is the perfect way to do this as you get the sensation of smoking without the side effects. Vape juice at the Flavour Factory comes in lots of different flavours. This makes stopping using cigarettes easier than ever. Plus think of the extra money for makeup!

Late Nights

This is one I definitely need to start avoiding. Most of my blog posts get written up around 3am (Hopefully that's not noticeable). Unfortunately staying up all night is not in your best interest when it comes to looks. Sure, you can try covering up your baggy eyes with makeup in the morning or some natural beauty routines, but, the easiest way to fix those bags and sagging skin is to get a good rest. Try switching off all the electrical devices in your room and going straight to sleep for once. You will be amazed how much better you look when you wake up in the mornings.


I probably don’t have to tell you the effects alcohol can have on the way you look. Drinking alcohol may make a guy you meet look like Ian Somerhalder, but it makes you...well, just look in the mirror next hangover. You’ll see what I mean and decide it is time to cut back on drinking. The easiest way to do this is by showing yourself you don’t need to drink. Many people drink alcohol so they can socialise and interact without feeling self-conscious. If you have this problem, try opening yourself up to new possibilities on a night out and telling yourself not to be embarrassed by situations. Remember, it is only one night in your life and will probably make for a fantastic story the next morning.

Doing Nothing

The last bad habit is probably the one that is the most common. Many of us don’t bother with exercise at all and then we wonder why our stomach is flabby and gravity is taking its toll on our arms. To avoid this and look gorgeous, buy an exercise DVD. Choose one from a girl that you want to look like and you will find yourself using it more. You will work every day to get her body and before you know it you will have succeeded! I've started working out a lot over the past month and definitely think my skin has benefited from it.

What's your worst habit?
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My Short Guide to the Best Spa Treatments

Saturday, 15 August 2015

I love a day at the spa. It's one of the best ways to feel relaxed, and you come out feeling ten times better than when you went in. But if you've never been before, you might be unsure about what to do. There can sometimes be lots of treatments listed, and to the uninitiated they call all look like gobbledygook. What's an enzyme facial when it's at home? If just looking at a list of treatments confuses you, I'm here to rescue you with a quick run-down of the best things you can find at a spa. Get ready for your first spa day by choosing some of these treatments to enjoy.

If you want to treat yourself from head to toe, start with a facial. Some spas will offer hair treatments too, but not all of them do. A facial might sound fairly simple, but there can be lots of different types to choose from. Every spa will have its own take on facials, as well as offering a few easily recognisable ones. Most facials are designed to do a particular thing. Some will help to rehydrate you while others are meant to give your face a bit of a lift. Talk to someone at the spa about which one is best for you and your skin.

Having a massage is one of the best things you can do when you go to a spa. And there are so many different types to choose from. Some of them are designed to release the tension in your muscles using purely physical techniques. Others might be more spiritual and aim to incorporate some complementary therapies. You could choose a Swedish massage, Thai massage, or lots more. One of the popular ones is a hot stone massage, and you can have it done with cold stones too. You can also have it done with lava shells, which are also heated up. Then there's aromatherapy, which introduces some lovely scents too.

Body Wraps and Lotions
Moving on to your whole body, there are a number of skin treatments you can have. From mud wraps to salt scrubs, you can transform your skin so it's soft and firm. Even better, you often get a bonus massage when these lotions and potions are being applied. You can also have a body wrap, which is a bit like being wrapped in cling film for an hour. But it's designed to help you get rid of toxins and even lose inches off your torso, legs and arms.

Hands and Feet
Of course, you can't forget your hands and feet. Having them pampered is a must for any spa visit. You could have a hand or foot rub to help you work out the tension. And once you're nice and relaxed, you can get moisturised and beautified. Get a manicure and a pedicure, which should last longer than anything you can do at home.

Everyone needs to experience a trip to the spa at least once in their life. Why not book a day out when you next have some free time?
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