Makeup Revolution Mini Brushes Review

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Go Pro brush set is Makeup Revolutions newest launch. Complete with 4 miniature makeup brushes and pouch it's MR's travel essential. The set contains everything you need to complete a basic makeup look without having to haul around full sized alternatives. The brushes, though small, don't lack quality. They are  made from extremely soft, dual fibre, synthetic hair. This makes them work amazingly well with cream, liquid, and powder makeup. 

Mini foundation brush for use with liquid concealer
Mini Face brush to apply powder and touchups throughout the day
Mini Eyeshadow brush to touch-up or re-apply your eyeshadow 
Mini Angled brush for your eyeliner or brows! 

After using this set i'm so happy with how each brush performs.

At £4.95 they're extremely good value. Get your own here.

Skincare via supplement? T&N Health Marine Collagen Tablets*

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

For a 19 year old i'm not blessed with the useful skin I deserve, in fact quite the opposite. A 4 year stint of M.e has left me with dry, unhealthy skin, and terrible dark under eyes. I've heard some really impressive success stories about collagen products and thought it time I put it to the test.

My supplements in. trial :

'For Anti-Aging, Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation - A High-Grade Collagen Which is Hydrolysed to Improve Absorption. 


Revitalises, rejuvenates and regenerates skin
Plumps the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Creates a more youthful looking complexion
Radically reduces crow’s feet, frown lines and nasal labial lines
Dramatically improves hair strength, thickness and elasticity
Improves nail strength by up to 36%
Prevents abnormal growths in skeletal tissue
Reduces pain and stiffness in joints and muscles
Strengthens cartilage and connective tissue
Improves immune systems

How it works?

I'll break it down into sections.
Collagen is a protein found in several connective tissues in the body including bones, cartilage, gums, skin, tendons and blood vessels.
Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones and cartilage, also to the protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage.
Vitamin B contributes to normal hair, and skin.
Niacin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin. Niacin contributes to the maintenance of normal hair

So now that the sciencey part is done. My results:
I've been sooo happy with my results. I wanted to write about these after just a few days but managed to hold myself off till my months trial was up.

My black under eyes are now virtual none existent and my complexion clear and even. I never expected such dramatic results, even my eyes feel brighter. In general I feel a lot better all round. I often get sick quite easily, even if it's just a cold, but have been completely on form for weeks now. Obviously it's hard to tell exactly if all the changes are from the supplements or not, but I definitely won't be taking any risks and continuing on the Marine Collagen. Start your own skincare success journey with a the 1 month trial reduced to £14 here. or sign up here for 50% off

The £2 contour brush

Monday, 20 April 2015

I love a bargain find, and a contour brush cheaper than lunch definitely goes high in my list of budget triumphs. After deciding I needed something similar to the NARS contour brush but for a lot less money I did a quick search of one of my favorite budget sites AliExpress. I wasn't initially going to blog about this purchase but when it turned up in the post I couldn't not. For $2.99 (£2) I got this flat contour brush.

Ok so it's not Nars quality but it does the job! I'd seriously recommend this for anyone on a tight budget! Find your own, and loads like it here.
Anyone else a fan of budget finds? Or would you rather splash out on high end? I'd love to know.

Collective Shopping Haul #4

Thursday, 16 April 2015

It's been a small eternity since I did a proper collective shopping haul, which is a shame as,
they were my most popular post. Not going on the huge shopping spree's that I used to it's been harder to save things to photograph for a haul.  I've been pretty spendy on my last few trips into town though so I decided i'd put them all together to make a haul as a bit of a throw back seeing as my blogs nearly a year old! 

The first thing I picked up was a mug I've been eyeing up in Urban outfitters for ages. It was reduced £9 down to £3 so I couldn't not really. It's so cute and I needed a mug to take away with me. (I didn't, I have lot's of mugs already but that's my excuse)
Another quirky find that I just couldn't resit buying are these Topshop bunny socks. I find it pretty hard to go on a shopping trip and come home without at least one pair of cute socks. I'm on a huge bunny hype at the minute so I HAD to have these.

My bargain find of the day was at H&M. I've never bought shoes from there before but I really needed a pair and didn't want to pay too much. I immediately thought these were perfect and after seeing the price tag £10 down from £38 I took them straight to the till. They are actually a size too small for me but at that price, I can squeeze! A while ago I was sent a packet of invisbobbles which, as nice as it was I kind of wish I hadn't been gifted with them for three reasons. 1. Because I LOVE them too much 2. Because I can't help myself from loosing them and 3. Because I definitely regret having to pay £4 for 3 hair bobbles from Urban outfitters! Never the less I picked up another pack ready for my trip away and hopefully won't loose any this time. (My friend got a transparent pack and we swapped one, they don't sell them in multi colours) 
Another thing I've been trying to stockpile before my move is tan. I've got an amazing range of faux body tans but I'm a little limited on facial tanners, which I like to use instead of foundation during summer. On a whim I picked up this one from TKmax for a couple of pounds. After a quick google when I got home (am I the only one that does this?) I found that it's actually a really expensive high quality tan. I've used it a couple of times already and love it. It's like a moisturiser which is perfect as I have really dry skin, but with beads of colour that burst on application and blend in giving a dewy bronzed finish. It's available to buy here but i'd recommend looking in TKmax first. I'll definitely be going back for more.

Lastly I really needed to treat myself to some moisturiser. My skin has been so dry for the past few months and not wanting to splurge on expensive products i've foolishly used a collection of products I have in my collection that probably aren't right for my skin. It's become awful in the last week or so so I really can justify these three purchases. I picked up Body Shop vitamin E illuminating moisture cream because I love the original and was so intrigued my this. It's basically a highlighter and moisture cream in one so leaves a really dewy shimmery finish, not a look for everyone but I absolutely love it. Lastly I got a couple of products from my favorite No7, I won't go into detail because i'm planning a separate post on these.
So that's my recent purchases!
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Make money with Depop / Tips

Sunday, 12 April 2015

A few years ago I gave up with Ebay. Their were constant problems, buyers that never paid, and too higher seller fee's, I'd been hoarding an abundance of items that could have been sold for months until I came across Depop. Depeop is, what I describe to my friends as, an app version of Instagram cross with Ebay. You post pretty pictures of items you want to sell with a description. People can like, comment, message you, or buy each listing. For example a profile page looks like

Besides it's many perks Depop can actually be pretty hard to shift items on. I assume it's because it's still relatively new and doesn't have as many active users as Ebay, Gumtree extra yet. To make things a little easier for my readers i've written up a little list of tips on how to get rid of old items via Depop and make some extra cash in the process:

This sounds like a given but I've seen so many people trying to sell things with terrible listing photos. Imagine if two people are selling the same thing for the same price; One has a great image, clearly showing the item, the other has taken a quick image the vaguely resembles a blue dress (or whatever) obviously the buyer will go with the first listing. 

Something irritating about Depop is that it doesn't have very good search settings. For instant if I listed an item called ' Size 10 pencil skirt.' it wouldn't appear in listings for 'Size ten pencil skirt' because of the full stop right after the 'skirt'. Annoyingly it must be one of the only places you're actually punished for bad grammar. Instead you should write something like Size 10 pencil skirt - perfect condition. I really hope Depop fix this soon as it pains me a little having to write to poorly.

I'm sorry to break it to you, but nobody wants to buy the Primark cami top that you brought 3 years ago for £2.50. I know this post is specifically about selling items but there are some things that I just can't help you with. Things that sell best on depop are: Makeup from brands that people have actually heard of, clothes, either new or worn a couple of times, books, jewellery, DVD's, candles (yankee in my experience) ect. Bare in mind that the main audience for Depop are 14-25 year old girls. 
This isn't Twitter, nobody cares about your follow to following ratio. The best way to get followers is follow a load of people. To gain followers I usually search for something similar to what I sell, click on the seller and follow all their followers as, if they are interested in the things that person sells, they are likely to be interested in my listings also. I gained several hundred followers this way. 
The downside of depop direct messaging is that (occasionally) you find yourself bombarded with messages from girls wondering when your posting, if you've posted, when you think the item will arrive ect. I'd definitely recommend keeping your proof of postage as some people will take advantage and complain that the item never arrives,  Paypal and depop will always side with the buyer which is why it's so important to keep them happy. There's nothing like selling an item cheap, forking out for postage then having the money you got taken off you! I made a quick design on photoshop, printed out a load and send it inside each parcel, just as a nice extra.
This little trick I found out just recently. If you have an item that's been listed for a while without selling and has started to fall down to the bottom of your listings, theirs a quick way you can move it back up. Perhaps it's something you think will fetch a lot of something you're desperate to get rid of, either way it's really easy to get it some more attention. Just click onto edit and rearrange your listing description. You don't even have to change anything, just add an emoji if you like. Once you've saved the item will not only go to the top of your listings but it will reappear in the top of search listings, still maintaining the likes and comments it had previously.

So those are my top tips for selling on Depop. I hope that they're useful to some of you.
FYI you can find my own depop here.

Gold Crush | Hair growth journey update

Monday, 6 April 2015

A few weeks ago I blogged about the Gold Crush hair supplements as I was starting my journey to long thick hair. Now, a month down the line, I taken my two tablets a day and have finished the first bottle. It's time for an update. 

To get the negatives out the way, i'm staring with a downer. Having used supplements like this before
I know that it's inevitable that you're going to get spots. I found with this brand in particular the spots
did linger for longer than that of others. I personally don't mind spots too much and just add a bit extra concealer, but if you're someone who really hates them then this is something to be mindful of.

Having said that the results of this have definitely been worth the tiny extra price of concealer. I started seeing results after just a couple of days. My hair looked shinier and thicker. With each day the results have been getting greater. My hairs a lot thicker now and I've had several people ask me weather it's grown. I'm starting to see changes to the length but i'm waiting till the end of the two month trial for after pictures.

Anyone else used a supplement like this before? What were your results?

Bargain Finds | Bare Minerals 8 Piece Kit

Thursday, 2 April 2015

 Bare minerals has come to Txmax! After seeing a few tweets of the news I headed to the, newly opened, branch near mine to see for myself. I knew I wanted a kit as i've heard they're good value for money. Their were only a couple of boxes left and not being able to see the shades properly I took the risk and went with tan. As their were only 3 shades to choose from (Light, tan, and dark) I figured they must be pretty versatile. Anyway, what's inside the get started kit:

 Inside the outer packaging is a pretty box with Leslie printed on (must be something to do with the
designer, I'd be pretty chuffed with this if my name was actually Leslie though) The inner box contains the 8 products wrapped up in tissue paper. The set comes with:
-3 face brushes
- A miniature Prime Time primer
- 2 mineral foundations in tan and medium tan
- A mineral finishing veil
- A mineral bronzer

The kit typically costs £50 but TKMax are currently selling them for £30. I thought this was such a good price considering, after a quick Google, i've worked out it values at over £126! If you're wanting to test out Bare Minerals then now is definitely the time!

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