One year of Makeup Revolution

Saturday, 28 March 2015

I don't often post on Saturdays but I just decided to write up a quick one in honor of makeup 
Revolution and their 1st birthday! In a year makeup revolution have launched over 500 amazing
products, many of them I own myself. I didn't notice how many I had until I looked properly 
this morning and realised a good third of my cosmetic collection are MR products. Crazy!
The best thing about their products are the amazing prices eye shadow palettes from £4 and 
lipsticks from £1. All their products can be found here and my first experience with the brand

Congratulations on one year Makeup Revolution and thank you for the cake pops!

Makeup Storage Before & After

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Over the past few weeks makeup organising has over taken my life. Never when I started did
I realise how much of a job it was; Nor how much makeup I actually own. After sorting an abundance of products into piles (sell, keep and give away), assembled furniture, and some crying over parting with makeup, I finally have a vanity i'm pleased with.

Before the sort out my makeup was a big (somewhat) organised mess. I had a huge Ikea glass tabletop to both store my makeup and work- clearly my makeup overtook. I used a lot of acrylic storage which made things difficult to find at times. I'm so much happier with how my storage looks now and how accessible all my products are. I still have a little bit more organising to do for it to be perfect but i'm definitely a lot closer. 
It may not look like it but I do have some sort of order to each section. I have concealers, foundations, highlighters, primers, ect all grouped together with skincare at the back. I have a couple of gaps left which i'm seeing as a good thing as i'm constantly getting new products.

I also set aside a couple of extra drawers for the rest of my beauty bits. The old section in my wardrobe was completely cluttered with spare makeup, jewellery and tanning products. It's now so spacious just with a couple of things I need, including a container of false eyelashes, a cute benefit box full of supplements and another with spare skincare. The last draw is an under bed filled with faux tan, teeth whitening products and products for review.

& that's my full cosmetics collection!

Blue Vanilla Haul

Thursday, 19 March 2015

First up in my mini haul,and the item that's getting me excited for spring/summer is the cleo print daisy top. It's not to my usual taste but I can definitely see myself wearing this on beach days out. The peplum lining makes it really cool and the lightness of this top just screams summer staple.
The Ria sweetheart dress i've owned for a little while now and it's already made it's debut on a nightout, to many compliments. I love a LBD and the gold to this one makes it just a little more special. I'm looking for the perfect gold glitter heels to complete this outfit.
Lastly from my mini haul,the leopard print chelsea dress; I say leopard print as that's what the item description, yet I wouldn't say this pattern is the same as the usual leopard, which I don't much
care for. The dress is also classed as a 'night out' dress. I can't compare too much as I have lived a very sheltered, Nottingham only, nightlife. I definitely wouldn't wear this on a night out as it's far too long (almost knee length) and smart for anywhere I go. I'm saving this as a smart work dress or to attend important seminars when I start my marketing course in 2 months. At just £10 from the Blue Vanilla site this is such a steal!
I couldn't help myself from forming a little wishlist of the items that will hopefully be new editions to my wardrobe post pay day!

DIY Honey face mask- Alternative for Lush Oatfix

Sunday, 15 March 2015

For the past few years I've been obsessed with the Lush Oatfix mask. I loved the way it reduced my
redness and instantly gave my skin a moisture boost when needed. After my last pot ran out mid spending ban I took a look at the ingredients and realised just how easy it is to make your own similar version and have been doing so ever since.

You will need:
-Honey (any kind)
- Greek/Natrual Yogurt
- Oatbran
- A mixing dish
- A container

Simple Statement | Nude Jewellery

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I'm definitely not a mad on jewelry kind of girl. I wear earrings on occasion (when I remember)
and had a cross pendant I wore religiously (no pun intended) until it broke last month. Nude
Jewellery have relieved the emptiness around my neck with the Vanilla Links double link pendant.

It's such a simple and elegant piece. Arriving all wrapped up in this cute satin bag it definitely looked the part of a couture piece yet for the reasonable price of £85! I've been wearing this since it first arrived in the mail and it actually pained me a little pit to have to take it of to photograph!

Nude jewellery are a London contemporary jewellers selling handmade, in shop designs. Personally this sells it for me as I'm a big fan of unique pieces- I'll definitely be browsing the site again in the future. Shop the wide range of contemporary jewellery here

Makeup Revolution- Obsession palette

Sunday, 8 March 2015

As if it's possible for Makeup Revolution to have anymore palette inspiration they've brought out a whole new range! It's actually becoming pretty hard for me to decided between my massive collection each time I go to do eye makeup! This time they've launched a limited edition I heart makeup collection at just £3.99 each!

There's 5 palettes in the collection with 10 shades, a mixture of shimmer and matte in each. I have here Pure cult and Wild is the wind. As snowed under in palettes as it is i'm still pretty convinced to pick up the other three: Born to die, Paris and West end girls.

The shades in each really compliment each other. I can't wait to have a play and create some
looks with these. For such a low price these palettes are perfect and I love that MR understand and embrace the addiction/obsession with makeup.  Shop the collection yourself here. Remember they're
limited edition so won't be around forever.

DIY Hollywood Mirror- Built from scratch

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

For the longest time I've been lusting over a Hollywood mirror, so much so that recently that's what
I decided I wanted for my 19th birthday gift. After researching various places I could buy and not wanting to pay the £400+ price tag I stumbled over the Ikea, built it yourself alternative. After taking the trip over to ikea to collect the things i'd need however, we realised that the hollywood light bars they offered were actually just metal bars with holes in (at £22 a piece) and i'd also have to buy 20 of the LED bulbs at £10 each, wiring AND an electrician to install into the mains for us; Adding up to way more than we could afford! On the disappointed car journey home my Mums boyfriend decided he was going to attempt to make one for me. After a couple of weeks and a considerably smaller price tag later tad-ah:

Unfortunately this is not a tutorial post, as I didn't make the mirror myself or photograph it's progress;
More of a reminder to show that it is actually possible to make your own and for a good price. The mirror cost around £30 from Ikea (you can probably pick one up for even cheaper. I choose this one as it was exactly the same length as my dressing table), the lights are actually LED Christmas lights a nd cost around £15, then the wood was scraps found around the farm. To make the mirror a frame was made out of wood with a grove on the inner sides so that the mirror would slit in. We sanded down the wood and painted my chosen colour of white. I chose not to have lights on the bottom row
of the mirror and spread the 20 out 5 along the sides and 10 across the top. For this we measured out
carefully, drilled holes the size of the lights and fitted them in place by unscrewing the bulb, and reattaching with the bulb on one side of the wood and the frame on the other. All that was left to do was tidy up the wires and fit the mirror. My Mum and her boyfriend actually fitted mine while I was out, possibly the best thing to come home to!?

I can't stop looking at how pretty it is

* Disclaimer. When I say 'we' in this post I actually mean my Mums boyfriend, I played no part in
it's making at all (apart from constantly asking when it'd be done). Because of this I may have underestimated how difficult it was to make and it's probably not as simple as I make it sound here, but not impossible is the take home message i'm trying to get across. 

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