Box Swap With OliviaMulhearn

Sunday, 28 September 2014

After a months withdrawal symptoms from not doing a swap I finally got the chance to
take part in the student box swap scheme organised by Lauren & Emily. After being paired
up with Olivia I stalked her blog a little and put together an arrangement of things I thought she'd
like whilst she did the same for me. She did an amazing job of it!

 I was woken up Wednesday morning by the arrival of this massive box. Usually, and for good
reason, I don't enjoy being woken from my lie ins but for things like this I can make an acceptation.
I got a bit over exited and forgot to photograph everything wrapped before I dove in, remembered
half way through and had to re-wrap a few haha #bloggerproblems.

If you can't tell from the image Olivia sent me
A kiko nail polish- Which i'm exited about as I've been so behind and not yet tried anything
from Kiko yet.
2 hot chocolate sashes & a big bag of Harribos, all of which are long gone.
A Rimmel London Lipstick which is actually the first one I own
A Miners Maxi Mascara
Bath & Bodyworks Pink Chiffron hand gel eeek!
Some cute stationery
A pack of invisible bobbles 
A heart shaped room decor that'll be making an appearance in a future post
and this candle:

I think it's so nice that she went out and got me something personal like this, so thanks for
all this Olivia. I literally cannot wait to do another now. Maybe an international one?

Autumn Fashion Haul Part 1

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The title of this post has to be 'part 1' for the reason that I love Autumn fashion
and have a lot more to come so expect at least 2 or 3 more of these! 

First thing for my Autumn waredrobe isn't actually very autumny. Is that a word? But for the 
occasional hotter days I brought this cute little Zebra patterned playsuit from Ark. It's so light
weight and comfy. I love the design too and an added bonus this was on sale for £16!

Probably my most favorite item from this haul is the Amber Light top I got from my newly 
discovered love Fuschia White. I came across the company at the NW fashion week & after
browsing the website once home I couldn't resit making a massive order which will all feature in
part 2. 

Then I just got a couple of cheap skirts from Primark to go with things. (Also got a navy
but it's in the wash) the 3 came to £9 which is amazing but i'm still on the hunt for a few
nicer skirts.

I'm terrible for permanently over dressing and almost never wear lounge wear. I had a casual
night-in date this week and was dressed although i'd just strolled out the board room. Luckily
for me though I've now been treated by Lush Tshirts to one of there slogan tee's. I love the
words 'I woke up like this' I think it's so diva-ish, they have several others alike all on the website.
It's super soft and comfy as well so I definitely think i've been persuaded to de-dress a little from
time to time. I notice the company now sell 'blogger' tshirts if that's something that takes your

So this isn't really a seasonal buy but after getting this pretty pink bra in the La senza closing
down sale had to share. As sad as I am that my favorite lingerie shop will soon be no more 
you can't be too sad about £5 bra's and £1 underwear can you?!

Lastly, and my favorite purchase of the year is this vintage fur coat. I'd looked for something
like this all last year and only found ones for £100+ I was so chuffed to get this for only £30!

All Day & Night Smudgeproof Liners

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A little surprise in the form of 6 makeup rev products was waiting for me on the doorstep
last week, followed by a future packing a couple of days later, how spoiled am I?! Anyway
the first package included 6 liners that after testing out I had to post about. They are all

There's 6 colours (from left to right) Stars come out, Channeling my inner, The last laugh,
Dangerous games, one sin too many, and Lushful ways. I'm not sure when i'd use the green
one but I am going to try to, apart from that they're all really wearable colours that would suit
anybody. The swatch image is actually taken after I've rubbed my hands repeatedly and no smudging!
The best part? Each one is only £1.99! Someone start a petition for more shades with me?

Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I feel like I've said this in post a million times already, but i'm not really one for wearing foundation.
I hate the feel of having my whole face covered and not being able to breathe. That being said though
I do have a few discolouration problems that i'd like to be able to hide, so when I was given the 
chance to try a foundation said to be healthy for the skin I happily took up the offer. Exuciance Skin
Caring Foundation is packed with ingredients to help nourish and care for the skin whilst providing
a medium and natural coverage.

It gives a matte finish which i'm often cautious about having dry skin but this lasted well throughout
the day without patching up. It's a great foundation if you're looking for the 'makeupless makeup
look' as it's very natural looking. Overall i'm very impressed!

If this is a product that interested you then you can pick yourself
a bottle up here. A wide range of shades available, for £24.95

The North West Fashion Festival

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

On Sunday myself and my friend Freya headed up to Liverpool for the North West Fashion
Festival hosted my Chic Networking for a day filled with Champagne, cupcakes and 
catwalks.  It was quite a long drive but we amused ourselves taking hideous car selfies. 

We weren't sure what to expect but after being greeted by a red carpet and complimentary
champagne we definitely weren't left disappointed. There were fashion shows going on in the
Palm House (such a beautiful venue) throughout the day with a load of popup shops lining the edge
of the venue. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos on my DSLR, despite talking it out
with me for one of the first times, as we were to distracted taking selfies with our new selfie stick!
I did do a serious lot of shopping though which i'll show you all in a AW14 haul soon!

Coolest thing right?
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Memebox- The Best Of Korean Beauty 2014*

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Memebox posts are always exiting but this one is doubly so as it's Memebox's first 2014 wrap up!
They've picked out their top picks to form a 6 piece Korean beauty box worth £91! I thought i'd
photograph things as I opened them as a first impressions:

Zsole Dual Sunblock $ 46

I was definitely not expecting this now that we're coming up to colder months but I will definitely
store it away for the summer. I've never seen anything like this before. If you can tell from the
photograph it's half a pump application and half spray- pretty groovy.  It's also factor 50+ which is 

Secret Key Perfume Mist $10

Again, so hard to write about fragrance! I'd actually describe this as more of a perfume than a
spray. It smells quite musty which I actually really like, is that weird?

 RiRi Lip Manicure $18

How cool is this? Like a nail manicure for your lips! It's a long lasting waterproof lip colour in
the shade Virgin Orange. If it's anything like the lip gloss I received in my last memebox i'll be so
impressed. I think this is such a pretty shade too.

W.Holic Roll On Perfume $21
I've found this to be of similar scent to the Secret key perfume but in a handy roll on bottle. I've
literally just finished my last mini perfume bottle this morning so i'm so glad to have this, they're
so useful to carry around with you.

The Skin House Dr.Clear Magic Stick $22
I've never seen anything like this before! If this roll on spot treatment works well I think this will be
my new favorite thing! I've already applied some this morning and may have to do a follow up post
on this.

Secret nature Jeje Cream $31

I feel like there's always one thing in a Memebox that, even though all the products are great,
shines through as the most exiting; and this one is definitely the one to do that! It's a hydration
cream filled with all natural ingredients. For example, Broccoli! I've never heard of that being
used in a cream before. I'm so exited to try this out.
So that's everything in the first 2014 roundup available from the Meme store here they
sell out fast so if you missed out on this one, don't worry, there will be more coming!

Uni Haulin' My Top 5 Reads

Monday, 15 September 2014

It may come as a bit of a surprise, or maybe not, but I feel like I give off a bit of an air-head vibe,
that I'm very into reading. As much as I love the easy words of John Green, Nicholas Sparks and all
the other favorites of my generation I cannot compare them to the sense of fulfillment I get from finishing
a good classic. I currently have the luxury of a home library which is only going to add to the shock of moving into a tiny apartment with room for way less then a quarter of my home collection. After much decision I've narrowed my choices down to the five books I cannot live without and will be coming with
 me on my university travels.

Looking for Alaska
I'm contracting myself here a little I know but in times of stress (of which i'm sure Uni will be full off)
a nice easy read is essential for me. I must have read Looking for Alaska 6 or more times now. 

The Bel Jar
This dark and depressing tale can take some perseverance on my part at times
 but I always get such a scene of achievement from reading this one.
The Great Gatsby
I LOVE this book and Fitzgerald, such a great story. Reading this a couple of times
has also developed my vocabulary no end.  

This is such an empowering and motivational book, perfect for if you're wanting
and but un-emotional read.

Capture In The Rye
My all time favorite book which i'm now reading for the 5th time. It's such a cult classic and for a
good reason. I find it so relateable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that hasn't read
it yet. 

What's everyone's favorite read?