Bella & Bear 5 Peice Eye Brush Giveaway

Friday, 31 July 2015

Recently I did a review of a few of the new Bella & Bear launches (read here). Now the company are giving me the chance to giveaway my favourite 'the cats eyes' brush set. The set includes 5 eye shadow brushes complete with a travel box. Read all about the set here. Giveaway rules and terms are as followed:

- All entries are to be made through the rafflecopter widget below
- The giveaway will run for 2 weeks
- The winner will be notified via email
- If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be picked
- The winner will receive a code where they can then order the product for free

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Eat Your Way To A Natrual Tan

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Recently, whilst Googling some tanning tips (Seriously I google everything) I came across a couple of articles that I just had to share. There's been research into the foods that actually help tan your skin! I've listed a couple off my favorite articles down below and I'd seriously recommend a read. Who knew that upping your kale intake could help with your hollywood glow?


What do you think? Worth a try?

Bella & Bear brushes review

Sunday, 19 July 2015

It's been a long time since I've sat down and written up a post so excuse me for any rustiness. For my first post back what's better than reviewing one of my favorite brands Bella and Bear. I have several other posts on there products which can all be found here. If you've read any of my previous glowing reviews then you'll know Bella and Bear are a company with cutely designed products that are always great quality. The new brushes they offer are no exception. 

I've been testing out 3 different brush products. The eye brush collection, the foundation kabuki and the double sided eyebrow brush. Scroll below to find out how I got on with whichever you're interested in!

The Cats Eye Collection

This was the product/s I was most looking forward to trying. You can seriously never have too many eye brushes. The kit comes with 5 different brushes for every purpose. There's a brow brush which I won't go in too much detail on as there's a full review below. The small whited tipped brush, called leopard cat, is my personal favorite, The small tip makes it perfect for blending colour into the crease and intensifying the size of your eyes. The large black brush (pampas cat) is can be used in unison with this to blend out. I've been loving the black footed cat and the irmote for applying base colours all over the lid. This set works perfectly together and the prettily designed box that accompanies the brushes makes for an ideal gift idea or treat for yourself. At £12 they are exceptionally good price for the quality. They're currently on offer for that price here down from £30. 

Iberan Lynx Brow Brush

I've been looking for a decent eye brow brush for agees. The brush of this is a fair bit smaller than any i've tried before. I'm actually finding this a positive thing as it makes me take my time and leaves my finished brow more natural looking. I did something I never do to test this brush out and applied powder only instead of my usual brow pencil topped with powder. I was worried that it'd come off mid day and i'd be left with my extremely horrible natural brows (see before photo!!) but it lasted long enough for me to get the micellar water out at night. The brush is double sided with a spoolie on the other. I don't often use spoolies but for the purpose of testing I tried it out and have been using it to separate my lashes, pretty useful! This brush is another budget buy at £8 here.
Lynx Kabuki Foundation Brush

The brush I never knew I HAD to have. I've had a couple of flat top foundation brushes in my time but none of them have ever worked for me like this one does. The brushes are sooo dense they leave no product left behind and blend liquid foundations and concealers in amazingly. I'm 100% dropping my Real Techniques buffing brush for this one! Like the others it also comes in the cutest little box making it feel like such a luxury item! I've never had a singular brush come in it's own box before! The Lynx Kabuki also sells at £9 here. If, like me you love the Bella and bear brushes and these aren't enough, they offer a 15 piece brush set, available here.
Who wants to buy it for me?

I'm back!

Monday, 13 July 2015

 Since starting this blog over a year ago the longest I've gone without hitting publish on a post is a week maximum.  I never thought i'd have to write a post like this but after not updating in over 7 weeks I feel I need to write some sort of explanation. Late May I went from having all the free time in the world, perhaps too much so, to check my emails, take photos, write up posts and constantly update twitter, to being busier than I ever have been in my life. So busy that I had no time to write posts or tweets, and i'd rarely even check my phone. I can't say that I didn't enjoy my time away, I had the best 7 weeks but i'm glad to have some downtime again now. I've just renewed my domain name and will be updating regularly again. Some posts that are coming soon are:

Battle of the false tans | Eat your way to a tan | Bella and bear brush reviews | Tanning Mitt v's Glove

For anyone wondering I've been away on a 7 week fastrack access to higher education course.

What's in my bag!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Hey everyone! My name is Georgina and I am based in London. I mostly post about eating and going out in London with a little bit of fashion thrown in when I fancy! Lovely Jemma has given me a guest posting spot & I thought I'd do a 'What’s In My Handbag' post.


Andrew (the boyf) bought me my black Longchamp bag as a surprise a few years ago, he got me the wrong size one so I made him go back and change it (ungrateful girlfriend I know) but I'm so glad I did because I literally use it for everything! Work, shopping, dinner, drinks - everything. It is just the perfect size, it's lightweight and it's black so it goes with every outfit.


I hate big purses - I used to use a little pouch style one but that was just impractical so I have tried to get the best of both worlds with this little one from River Island. They come in loads of styles, silver jumper out at me in the shop and I love that it still has all the normal purse features, just half the size.

Contact Lenses & Glasses Case

I cannot see a thing so I need one or the other of these at all times. I am loving my new Ray Bans at the moment which I ordered from Glasses Direct but I am so indecisive - most days, I leave the house in my glasses and come home in my contacts - especially if I have an event after work!


After 16 months of being unemployment, I now work in an office & have a much bigger need for Nurofen than ever before. I try not to take it unless I really need to but I like the security of having it there if I need it! Especially when those tension headaches kick in during the afternoon or any muscular pain that I might get - I am still not used to sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. 

Wires & Electronics

This is super boring but I'm sure all bloggers have a pretty similar stash! I have a portable charger from Primark and a USB wire to plug into my computer at work because it’s usually down to 56% by the time I get there (What a load of rubbish.) I also keep the plug adaptor part of it in my bag, you know, emergencies and all. As well as that, I have my old iPod and a tangled set of headphones with me at all times.

Make Up Bits 

I am not a huge make up wearer although I don’t leave the house without one of my many Barry M blink eyeliners, my handbag one gets used a lot for touch-ups - especially if I have just put lenses in and am a streaming mess! I also try to keep whatever polish I am wearing in my bag to fix any chippage. I am currently wearing this amazing purple from Barry M

Perfume Samples

With all those wires, I hardly have space or the strength to carry around a full bottle of perfume, although I am sure to always have a sample. Currently I have Lady Million on me and I really love! I also keep a tiny travel can of deodorant with me since most days, I am running from event to event after work.

As well as a tiny mirror that gets the occasional use, I have a lip balm, hand cream and spot stick that hardly ever see the light of day haha

What Do You Keep In Your Handbag?

If you enjoyed my post - I would love for you to pop over to my blog and say hi!

A fathers Day Gift Idea

Thursday, 28 May 2015

With Father's day not far away I started seeking out the perfect gift. I usually have to start well in advance because it often takes ages to find something suitable. This year though i'm on the ball and have already bagged the ideal gift idea thanks to personalised gift solutions. (I may have also got my Mum to get me my own for a my trip this summer!)

Who doesn't love a bottle of alcohol? Even more so a personalised bottle. There's so many different kinds available from Rose to Baileys, all fully customisable. The site is really easy to use as well. Simply select your product, fill in the short form with your personalisation details and click 'add to basket'. It's not just alcohol either, they're hundreds of different customisable products. My personal favorite, and one i've bookmarked for Christmas are the personalised cut crystal glass'.  What from the site would you go for?

Take a look at personalised gift solutions to find your perfect Father's day gift. There's currently a promotion to receive a free gold box with every bottle of alcohol brought.

This post contains items sent for review purposes.

FOTD Challenge- Bonjour Cosmetics

Monday, 25 May 2015

A while ago I started a series called the FOTD challenge where I created a makeup look using products from one brand only. I have no idea why I ever stopped doing these as they're so much fun to make and where always very popular. So, it may have taken a while, but i'm back with a new addition. This time I opted to try something a little different and collaborate with the Korean company Bonjour cosmetics. I LOVE Korean products, there's so many quirky things, I can't get enough. 

So I started with my horrible makeup-less face and applied the TonyMoly Caviar nutrition mask for 5 minutes wich left my skin feeling so moisturized and perfect for makeup application. 

I'm not a huge foundation fan, there's something about completely covering your face with a paint-like substance that just doesn't appeal to me. This Korean olay CC cream though is so light I can barely tell i'm wearing anything, plus it really helps even out my skintone and match my face with my tanned body (I realise it was a completely different colour before oops)

Eyeliner is probably my favorite step in makeup application. It makes my eyes stand out sooo much more. This dejavu fiberwig lasting liner is one of my new favorites. It's so good for precision application and lasts so well on. 

I'm not that big on eyeshadow at the minute so the Flormar Nude Dudes palette is perfect for me. I created a really subtle look by applying the lightest colour all over my lid and working some dark brown into the crease. 

How cute is this mascara? From the packaging alone I knew I loved this Beauty People Bubble gum mascara but bonus, it applies amazingly too! It's a small wand which I like as it makes for a much simple application. This really helps separate and lengthen my lashes which gives the marmite like spider effect which I personally love. 

Onto the lips. I started with the Karen Lovshe revive lip serum. This contains shea butter, royal jelly, sunflower oil and lot's of other good for you products. It's perfect for popping on before a lip product to prime dry lips. 

I was happy enough with the glossy finish of the serum that I didn't really need another product but I was excited to try out both my new things. My second lip product is TonyMoly lip master, which reminds me a little of the YSL lip and cheek tints. I only applied a very sheer cover as I wasn't 100% orange would suit me. This stuff smells amazing. Possibly my best scented lip product to date. I'll definitely have to look into getting some different shades of this (although I do think the orange is great for tanned skin).

I finished the look by applying a pair of secret stargirl lashes. They felt quite plastic so I wasn't sure about them pre application but they blend so well with natrual lashes I was definitely prepared to let that slide. These are a great budget lash and I love that you get 2 pairs in a pack

Here's the finished look! I really love the natural, summery glow look that the combination of these products created. A lot of the things I used will definitely be making there way into my everyday use collection. Shop everything I used plus a whole load of other amazing beauty products here.
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